New PiTool version (1.95) - with Brightness control!



It has close button, but I am afraid that I have to wait for 1 hour again, lol.

1.00 AM right now, I think that may I can’t test anything today.


tha only takes 30 seconds or so… so something went wrong i think


I think my headset already brick right now.



What’s the latest firmware? Do we need to update the firmware to get brightness control?


You’re using the wrong tool. There is a dfu.exe in the Pimax folder, use that to manually upload the firmware file. Should take less than a second and it worked without a fail so far for me.

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I think this one:


It automatically update from PiTool.


Try this reading this… It’s a link on a similar issue, which has a link to the flash utility thread. I’d recommend following the advice on those two forum threads.


Okay I use this tool to update firmware, but have to end task Piservice before.

Thank all, the headset is updated already.


That shouldn’t be a problem: The firmware update tool (above) can reportedly even “unbrick” headsets.


That’s great news. (20 chars)


Left eye has really bad light bleed


When change brightness, the headset will to be black and show image again.
So we can change in game immediatly.
Test by lucky tale, the white brown become more white in high brightness, but not different too much. But I think low brighness is healthy for my eyes.


I’m sensitive to bright lights, so I’ll likely set it to low also.


still looking better than night mode of steamvr in vive.



Brighness not effect to black dot, although it has low brightness, I still can see black dot in lucky tale.

If you open adult mode in steamvr, the most game I can see these dot is sinvr, because the bg is red.


Looks like You forgot to update the download page (change log):

@Dallas.Hao / @Doman.Chen

Maybe add a change log in PiTool too?

A “What’s new?” box when it prompts You to update?

EDIT: Apparently You’ve already added this to PiTool… :+1:


I remember Pitool showing two lines when I updated:

  • Brightness control
  • Improvement on tracking

Obviously, not these exact words, but I was suprised to finally see a changelog! :slight_smile: Things are getting better every day with Pimax, I’m cautiously optimistic again.


Nice…! :+1: Never mind then. I don’t have a headset yet… :wink: