New Star VR Consumer Version Questions


Starvr have the lens distortions fixed? if yes how they did that? I thought it was something limited to existing technology. pimax have to realy fix the distortions. people only talk now that will be a pimax killer. :frowning:


Pimax are running with their current lens design


yes, but apparently pimax are not able to work well with them… if star vr have oled, 90hz , 210 fov and no distortions will be much much better than pimax. I hope at least pimax can remove the distortions.


They are going to try fix distortions with software. Truth is they need a whole new lens design but their too stubborn to change. The current lens with flat sides is wide FOV marketing BS


Well, at least let’s wait and see the final M2 and how will it performs with the very last lens/sw iteration before commenting with negative speculations…


If starvr become enterprise version, I think they will not fix because it will be used for playing in a short time.


In terms of FOV. Here’s one of the beta testers confirming even the OLD star VR has much better FOV than the 8K??


I saw the video yesterday. Sebastian was one of the youtubers in love with pimax v2.

Now its seem very disappointed, especially with the the lens distortion effect and the lack of comunication/lies of pimax, thinks like saying "The obstacles that prevent us from mass production have been eliminated last week, thus the whole project now can move on with full speed towards Kickstarter delivery. " when the distortions were or are still horrible and the beta testers did not give green light.

The recent update says: “With the most recent PiTool version .61, we have improved the lens correction profiles significantly. Previously the equipment can only measure up to 120 degrees, the engineers rely on subjective estimations to correct the distortions beyond the 120 FOV range.”, Pimax again said this without sending and receiving feedback from beta testers.

I hope not, but honestly i think will be again a disappointment. I try to be optimistic but its a little hard, especially when you see the disappointed faces of youtubers like mrtv or VoodooDE VR. The only optimistic tester is sweviver, one person :slight_smile:


Yes Sweviver is the only one positive about the M1. He’s focused on testing game compatibility and doing an amazing job of it. That doesn’t mean he’s given the green light yet on hardware. The truth is the lens design is not good enough and Pimax is about to make the biggest mistake of pushing ahead with poorly designed optics just like the P4K


Yes i know sweviver its working very hard and we should be gratefull, but like you said if pimax dont change the lens all the hard work of sweviver will be in vain. I dont understand the way pimax works. They dont have self love to make the things perfect and organized? Its the pressure of some backers that want to receive the pimax faster? lack of skills? Or they dont want to raise the price of the headset. if its the last point, I think some people dont mind to pay more 100$ or 150$ if they put for example oled screens, and better lens… but pimax dont say the problems that they are having, dont give us options, only excuses and some updates that some people dont trust anymore.


Wise words. You nailed it on the head


Starvr is disappointed too, I am surprised why no any negative review about it before.
But I hope that pimax can fix the same issue after the last update about their new tool.


Distortion at 200 degrees is to be expected in wide FOV HMDs. Its a physics issue ie the limits of conventional lens design. If you want good bonocular overlap, low SDE, and clarity across the whole image it is a big game of compromises

Companies like Sensics have tried to do wide FOV hmds for years, and their ways of mitigating distortion have been to use 3 screens, multiple optical elements, or unconventional screens. All things that make these HMDs cost prohibitive for the consumer space.

(The Void rapture HMD uses curved OLED for example to help increase FOV while mitigating SDE and distortion.)

I think it is bold of Pimax to even attempt this design.

I do wonder @xunshu if your engineers have tested the older lens designs with your new equipment?


yes i know that is expected, but the starvr have distortions or not ? because if dont have, pimax can fix to, even if they need more time or better lenses. I dont see anyone talking about distortions in recent starvr. people are talking that will be the pinnacle of vr headsets: Oled screens, no distortions at all, 210 fov, 90hz and almost no sde. i think the only thing that pimax will be better is the resolution and maybe the price. this is true or its only stupid hype?


I don’t get why some of you are insisting on having a 210 FOV when anything over 180 is almost BEHIND the human shoulders, and even in real life is only perceived completely out of focus…and not counting that such a wide FOV even has to correct the sw image distortion to be compensated, plus…almost any game should be adapted for such a change.

Andy why are you talking like someone has talked negatively of the current lens ? Where did you get this information from? There’s still the NDA as far as I know. Otherwise is only speculating rant…


I dont care about 210 of fov. But i care if the lens give the world movement that mrtv talked or if have big lens but the sweet spot its very small like lenovo explorer for example. or like 120 fov is good and the rest its blury and distorted. We dont need a perfect headset but at least a good product. i want to pimax to suceed . All backers will gain with that.


From what I heard Star VR had wide FOV, but very poor binocular overlap. Also SDE was allegedly pretty bad, because 1440p per eye over 210 degree FOV is very low ppd.


I know 110 degrees isn’t good enough. I imagine maybe 150 would be good enough and am pretty confident 170 will be good enough. So I’m happy that pimax are adding that option, but of course it’s just using less of the screens again so that’s not ideal. I think the 150-170 fov in high res is what companies should be working on.


170 its perfect for me if its clear and without distortions in lens


Throughout all the 8k development , I have read “complaints” about the refresh rate of the in development pimax 8k.

Wondering if there is any of these "complainers’ that complains about the refresh rate of the Star Vr . I remember reading people complaining about the refresh rate of the Star VR.

Also, I want to see how the same people that complain about the 8k being pc hardware demanding , will be able to use the Star VR , IF a new Star VR headset version is released for consumers and IF would be affordable …