New Starvr Wide FOV Consumer Headset Coming Soon


Not sure that they will make the consumer version or not, but see some promote on their site.

acer is a big share holder of starvr and may be possible. Ever talked with imax vr manager, he told me that contact between starvr and imax vr almost ended (no confirmation). So may starvr can sell the consumer version soon.

But starvr still have a lot of issues which have to be solved too, such as distortion at the edge and ipd adjustment. The price is interesting too.

StarVR's brewing something in the kitchen?

Pimax 8K will have distortion. Hopefully star VR can offer us somthing better:)


Exactly as I anticipated in early June Pimax 31/05/2018 update: M1 units have left the building :smirk:

This would have not happened if the FOV target was realistically engineered to a more natural value of 170/180 since the beginning, and many users and backers were insisting on wanting a “goat view” in place of human like view, for what purpose I still am wondering :confused:


Hmm nice, so they’re going to present something consumer oriented at Siggraph next week. Going to be interesting for sure.

Hasn’t it always been 170 degrees? 210 is diagonal. The StarVR on the other hand might be 210 horizontally (the pro version is 210 degrees horizontally I think)


Fingers crossed it’s not a kickstarter :slight_smile:


LOL. What I’m curious about mainly is if it’s using SteamVR controllers, I’m hoping they don’t go for something custom. Also hoping they implemented hardware IPD. There are enough ways to screw this up so I’m not getting too excited just yet but man, I did find this wonderful news.


All im worried about is the price tag. I truly hope they wont be like HTC asking insane shit prices.


well HTC can get $800 for the vive pro so this will not be cheap probably a hell of a lot more expensive than the pimax 5K when it gets released , Although Acer have to ability to turn them out at a low cost , already have the production lines and distribution network


I don’t really care about the price. I got into this market FULLY prepared to pay whatever it takes to get a VR experience I truly want. So as long StarVR’s price isn’t something absolutely absurd like $10,000 or higher, then I’m on board.


Im thinking around 999$, HOPEFULLY!


$999 with oled screens and I would replace my vive pro in a heartbeat (all else being equal)


i cant wait till its revealed on 14 august…I hope it rocks…then it replaces my pimax 8k…


MRTV talking about it now, is it competing with Pimax…


I’d wait for a legit comparison between them. With StarVR in Imax it likely uses it “spatial tracking”. Niw it would be smart for Acer to incorporate option of using steam tracking.

But depending on cost is likely to use it’s proprietary tracking system & controllers


Yeah both my fellow Germans seem to be kinda stoked about what is to come with starvr . As Seb mentioned them venturing with Acer will be awesome at least in terms of…support…aaaaand OLED :slight_smile:
We will see in a few days whether there gonna be some catches like controller, tracking, compability and price of course.
I really hope Pimax are gonna step up their game a lil and do it right. Now that there “may” be a serious contender it will be far tougher to stand out.


Well Acer should be thanking Pimax for making it easier to support OpenVR(SteamVR) for Hi FoV headsets. Without this push from pimax we wouldn’t have had the support implemented for awhile yet.

The red leds suggest it’s likely their spatial tracking.


For me, the formulation ”we made something for you” means it’s intended to be used for the public rather than professionals. The outline shoes a soft top strap, the side strap appears to be rigid at the back. It’s a side view, possibly because the front view is ugly, so it’s probably got a wide FOV.


They will probably be using valve tracking imo , they will aim for established vr enthusiasts HMD only at a high price same as HTC , exciting times !!


This pic from Road to VR is already somewhat clearer. Dunno if it is from archive though. If it is a release of an HMD, it might look different. (is the current arcade style HMD)
(Pic without dark lighting, but without hard ear and headstrap on the back of head).

We’ll see at siggraph next week. Interesting.


Should. However controllers being cheaper to make it’s a good way to sell a packaged headset & controllers. However you can use valve controllers without a headset.

Like I said it’d be smart for them to have both WMR & Steamvr tracking supported as options.

But the Red leds suggest it’s tracking tech is being used.