New Starvr Wide FOV Consumer Headset Coming Soon


I think they will implement Valve tracking too. Why re-invent the wheel over and over. I wish Oculus supported it too, but keep touch controllers :slight_smile:


Thats their current headset your talking about. Thats an old article. The truth is the’ve probably been developing a comsumer headset for a while now. It will hopefully be a high end wide FOV version of Acers WMR headset. Hopefully with Valve 2.0 tracking. If a company like Pimax can get Valve licencing then theres no reason why Acer cant


As this uses OLED, does that mean 120Hz? Assuming it has a panel that shows no SDE at ‘whatever’ resolution then Pimax could have a competitor.

Price war!?!?!?


If this is something like 799$ or 899$ im a fucking day one buyer.

Oh man, HTC is gonna get so fucked like REAL SOON. Can’t wait for them to go bankrupcy.


What price, its just a countdown? did I miss something?


Can anybody extrapolate what this states:

Could this imply they are withdrawing from the business sector and gearing up for the consumer?


You might want to read this. Lol


Remember until HTC & Oculus make their own Hi-FoV headsets, there 2 seperste markets. Like widescreen 16:9 vs Ultrawide monitors.


You seem to not get it lul. Oculus is the ONLY one that wants to go as popular as possible and therefor thats why the prices are low and they will continue with that so that everyone can afford VR, where FUCKING GARBAGE HTC barely do any upgrades and ask 5x times the price of it and the quality is even worse than OG Vive.

That much hate i have for that garbage company HTC.


Exactly. If Pimax can get it anythings possile. Fingers crossed they go with dual 1440p OLED’s and a more realistic FOV. Anything more tgan 1440 is a bonus. Pimax are toast if they run with their current flawed lense design. Hope you guys arnt letting them rush the hardware :slight_smile:


Guess you missed the update on new test equipment letting them map 190° vs the 120° limitation they were using.

@bubbleball has already discussed StarVR lens issues.

So your info on flawed lenses is less likely. Will have to wait & see with the m2. Same as we’ll have to wait & see what StarVR releases. As said StarVR owes Pimax thanks for getting Valve to adopt hi-FoV vr headsets ahead of market schedule.


As much as I want this to be good I have a feeling it’s just a consumer version of their shitty Arcade Headset,what I would like to see is At least a 8k per eye display (1440p upscaled ,valve tracking, 210 horizontally Headset ! I would definitely be willing Spend up to 3k for such a headset .


Really Pimax owes Star VR thanks? Quote of the day Helio

I just watched MRTV (A beta tester) rip Pimax to shreds. Fingers crossed Star VR will ofer a finshed consumer product :slight_smile:


Read carefully Valved added support to openvr for cantered displays & hi-FoV headsets.

StarVR at release did not have support for steamvr. Pimax helped get the support put into it as a need & why Valve listed as a Pimax partner on the ks page.


Starvr will be releasing a 8k beater in 8 days…

Pimax, you have wasted months, in 1st gear mode… Slowly sending your headsets out to testers like your the only fish in the pond…

How unintelligent does a company need to be to post headsets out all around the world for them to test!.. Hire or learn to trust your own judgements, then god dam release!.. Never thought are faces are different? Chinese vs westerners… Maybe problems reported is due to this!!.. You should of hired none Chinese in your team and learnt from facts rather than emails back from testers

The fact you need others to tell you what’s wrong shows you have know confidence within your team

Pimax 4k… Worst software ever… Your whole products and future products will never be out of beta

I’m not even a backer!!..

If you want to know pimax future judge from 4k

In my eyes, the most dull, boring, uncaring, lack of business model company… Typical China - we make things cheaper and don’t care, unless owned by apple, Samsung etc

Us westerners, are hard working and respect others… You are like the plumber who says he will turn up monday, then turns up four weeks later without his toolkit! Wondering why the customer is pissed off.

Mark my words people, even if the hardware is half decent, these clowns could install windows 10 on a preinstalled machine


In order for the StarVR headset to be supported by steamvr, They may have placed the display in the same way as the Pimax 8K.
But I expect it will not.
Check this~!


Once again , Star VR ‘s Overpriced And businesses exclusive headset sucked! we might want taper our expectations For a consumer headset.


I don’t see it as a problem. Acer is trying to cash in on the hype of pimax’s nearing release. Acer has had more time to refine thier hi-fov headset.

Releasing a consumer market will help them with a sales boost as folks are hungry for pimax’s release to consumer purchase able units. IF acer has it together it will be healthy competition. But if they release it with their proven flawed optics & htc high price methodology. If pimax has good experience & cheaper price + plus modular goodies. It will win out. Plus competition pushes tech forward.

StarVR once said no consumer pc could drive it. Now they see it can.


Awesome article! :beers::sunglasses::+1::sparkles:


You might want someone to watch @mixedrealityTV 's show with you.

He said it would be very strong competition for pimax if this is indeex a consumer release. Due to Acer being a well established company in the world in terms of supporting a product globally. Which is true.

But he did say it’s likely to be 1500 - 2000 for headset only. There are looking to potenially swap out their tracking to support other tracking solutions. If based on their business model will be 5k oled(2xQhd).

The Aug 14 date is an unveiling not necessary released on it; just being for sure showcased.