New Starvr Wide FOV Consumer Headset Coming Soon


The look on his face tells exactly what he thinks of Pimax. You can keep buttering things up but what you should be doing is convincing Pimax to drop the NDA so you testers can explain why Pimax needs more time to get those lenses right. Their taking you guys for fools


Keep trying to convince yourself you made the right decision to sell.


Nice subject change. I couldn’t care less when I get my next headset. If Pimax turn things round I’ll gladly buy one


As far as im aware Star VR uses OLED, but @1440p per eye, so if the pixel fill isn’t high, I dont know if it would beat the 8k on SDE. Color and brightness might be way better though, and that does a lot.

Realistically, I wish people weren’t so worried about refresh rate. At this stage, running a 1080 ti you can only push 1440p in stereo at about 72hz (144hz in 2D)


Would love to see you turn this around :slight_smile:

Here you have MRTV telling us the “OLD” star VR has much better FOV than the 8K


Well then stop projecting non sense like you know something you don’t. It’s no subject change. Prior to you selling your pledge you were positive. Now you do nothing but bad mouth this project. Give it a rest with your bitterness.

You sold out; live with it.


10 degrees more is really nothing. Now Ben on the otherhand remarked about Panasonic’s 220° feeling much bettet than both StarVR & Pimax. It will be interesting if StarVR is released ad a consumer version to see some real tests on it…

Especially since most say the business model sucks.


Love it how you resort to personal attacks when you have nothing else to say. You should try being a more neutral moderator :wink:


How is it a personal attack? Your the one attacking this project with your negative non sense based on what?

Give you a hint; it’s not facts.


Pimax has to fear now two things: price and release date of Star VR. Their unique USP is then only the upscaled 8K (4K) resolution


We’ve also received an email outlining an “enterprise” product launch from StarVR

Interesting, that article says they are going to discuss a new ‘Enterprise’ product. Maybe the IMAX deal was not sweat enough so they will sell it online to anybody that can afford it.

If that is the case, Pimax have less to worry about, it is not their market and the cost will probably be more than the Prosumer Vive Pro.


Although starvr has bigger fov more than pimax 8k, but the old version is very disappointed about distortion at the edge, lenses edge at the middle (may be wrong ipd and can’t adjust it).

I am sure that I can’t use it to play in the long time. The old version is not good enough for consumer version, but it is acceptable for enterprise (look like pimax has said that the enterprise customer can accept the pimax 8k right now).

If starvr launch the consumer version or enterprise version with the old lenses and same issue, may people will said that it is scam.

p.s 5k of starvr is 2.5k + 2.5k (same pimax 8k which be 4k+4k).


Unless StarVR is going to connect to SteamVR, I guess there won’t be much content. Might be ‘shooting for a star’…


The new star vr is enterprise.


So no competition then for pimax on the consumer market. :beers::sunglasses::+1::sparkles:


only 4 days guys and then we know more…i cannot wait for what it brings


According to the Article @crony posted. StarVR is coming out with an Enterprise headset; so not likely consumer release at all.


At the time, the StarVR headset may of had more than 10 degrees on the Pimax 8k. I’ve heard from some people that Pimax were only using like 80% of the panels, and were trying to get it to 100% in the 8k.


Why not just wait a few days so we all know whats really happening with StarVR :slight_smile: All we know at this point is rumors and assumptions. Even if I can admit I’m excited about the StarVR hype, i can’t take it seriously until I know what’s really coming up. Judging from the commercial IMAX StarVR version and it’s specs, they have a very long way to go until they meet home consumer standards, both in terms of compatibility and useability for gaming.

In the end, its Acer and not Samsung or LG. Acer did the least impressive WMR headset up to date, which they are now dumping through sales for 100-200 bucks as nobody wants it.

I really hope im wrong here, but until they prove me wrong I wont hold my breath…


Hopefully Acer have been dumping tons of money into this project to create a high end headset to supplement their cheap WMR headset. Looking foward to the day we have a full range of HMD’s to choose from