New Starvr Wide FOV Consumer Headset Coming Soon


I really hope so as well. Its good for every one of us and the whole VR industry!


We really needs these to be real.


Terminator vs. T-1000, Terminator HUD vision, movie:

Kiera’s CMR hud vision (Sci-Fi TV series Canada: Continuum) Season 1 was fantastic. After that it went downhill.


Awesome series & nice finish.


Yeah…garbage HTC that makes the Vive which has been the best VR experience for 2 years straight with nothing else even close. Complete garbage.

StarVR have had one public showing of their tech so far- and it was a shit show. I’m skeptical until someone I trust has tried an actual product.


Agreed, I’m pretty skeptical too. If anything, Pimax has proven how difficult it is to get a wide FOV HMD right. So many ways to mess this up … Then again, with Acer they now do have deep pockets though so who knows.


Let me remake your post into something more civil @allocen:

Are you sure? I think Oculus has a better and more premium feeling than HTC. Even SteamVR doesn’t have ASW up till today. The Rift has less SDE and tracking is equal to the Lighthouses, if you know how to set them up properly. Also I think the Touch controllers are way better than the HTC Wands. And they are more sturdy too.
Noone says the Oculus Support is very good, but they say a lot of bad things about the support from HTC. I hope that Oculus will prevail, so HTC has to try harder to make a good product that people will buy.
So please don’t tell me anything about HTC-experiences, @Jasonb77, because I like the Oculus Rift better.

@allocen: I left out the words: retarded, fucking, 10x better, stupid, die faster, get rid of them, stfu and fanboi. Is a lot nicer now, don’t you think?


Well I’ve read this several times here on this forum. To be honest I haven’t followed StarVR in great detail since they were not releasing to consumers, however I just googled and the 2 reviews I found, one from Ben from RoadtoVR who I hold very high, and one from the dutch website, who also usually deliver quality reviews, both were pretty happy with the iteration from april 2017:

That was more than a year ago, so theoretically they could be delivering even something better than that version.


There here to stay. Htc is already testing a set-top box with a monthly fee. No pc required. Think there still trialing it in China.

Oculus tracking is decent but still no where near as good a Steam’s Lighthouse tech.

WMR & Vive can be easily used with a vr backpack since tracking is built into the headset. (Lighthouses are not wired to pc).

Yes Oculus has ASW; which has nice gains; but HTC while overpriced does have the Pro while Oculus drags their heels at present.

Coming out first always has it’s drawbacks. Granted if Oculus hadn’t aggravated Valve; Valve was going to share Their tracking tech prior to Fb buy in. Wands were loosely based on previous Tracked controllers ie WiiMote & Psmove etc…

Oculus took forever to release controllers; so they had to be evolved to what was out. This also demoed folks like of stick.

As for SDE sure Vive has noticeably more. But how noticeable if you match the rift’s brightness?

If we weren’t still stuck in the Proprietary Era, we could have the best of both worlds.

Yes HTC dropped the ball with the Pro but it’s still selling. Sure this stupidity will allow Rift or really WMR headsets a large gain in Market share.

WMR truly poses the greatest threat HTC & Rift. If they get their tracking really effective & relesse something even better than the Odyssy… Well Portable easy setup - Nuff Said.


Well i mean, how sure are we that if LG, Pimax and StarVR releases their headset this year and by the end of the year Vive 2 comes out with similar specs or worse, you sure anyone would still buy from HTC anymore? They continue to disrespect their customers.


Some StarVR HMD reviews on youtube:

11th february 2018: no sweetspot

12th february 2017: tracking issues and little lag. vive or starvr? : vive!
@11:25 “little disappointed”


Well customers are interesting creatures. Often they complain about prices etc. But more often they buy it anyways.

Just look at AAA game prices. How often doe folks pay $80ca for each year of sn EA sports game.


But that’s the previous iteration before the april 2017 version. Going to check that other vid though, thanks


Apparently MRTV’s meeting with Acer early September to try it out. Also traveling to Prague to try the Xtal. Will be interesting to hear the comparison

At least he can talk about those two headsets haha


Sebastian does have an appointment in 20 days with Acer in Berlin
He is talking about StarVR @58:45

And after that segment he says he is going to Prague (after this weekend already) @1.00:40
to test the X-tal (say: ‘Crystal’) is very expensive though.

VooDooDE (in German) has done some research on StarVR @38:45
Nicely done.


Exciting times for new VR HMD’s , I would expect HTC to show us a wide fov headset soon probably just 150 though with oled screen and good resolution , god knows what price though , depends on the overall competition I guess


Nothing to excite yet. Too many speculations and wish thinking teories. BTW Xtal is not for consumer market.


Looks like it may not be a consumer HMD after all , just watched voodoode youtube


Damn, he does have some good points … So either the HMD won’t be SteamVR compatible at all or it will be something we CAN use but at a very high cost. Still I have some hope that it will be the last, since Acer almost always targets consumers.


you may have to get a pimax after all ,Looks like might need bespoke software for foveated rendering