New Starvr Wide FOV Consumer Headset Coming Soon


Well the XTAL for example is enterprise too but also SteamVR compatible:
Same might hold true for the StarVR. In which case I’m going to watch the review from Sebastian very closely and I might get one of those, if they’re any good. Then again not sure if I’d be ready to pay thousands of dollars for the XTAL when it doesn’t even feature my IPD (70.5)…

But yeah, I also haven’t completely written off the Pimax 8k although my expectations are currently pretty low. But who knows …


And only 70hz for some reason


Yeah, I’d rather see 90 or more, but 70 might be enough… What does get me excited is that they’re using custom-designed aspherical lenses instead of those damn fresnel ones that Pimax uses. Really looking forward to hear how Sebastian likes them. He’ll probably have a review up in a few days and we’ll also learn about StarVR soon, so next week is going to be very interesting!


From Wiki
Aspheric lenses are also sometimes used for eyeglasses. Aspheric eyeglass lenses allow for crisper vision than standard “best form” lenses, mostly when looking in other directions than the lens optical center. These lens will be expensive


Not necessarily. The Pimax 4k also has aspherical lenses and I think they were just great. Not sure why Pimax decided to go with fresnel for the 8k.

But either way, yes the XTAL is extremely expensive, I think it lists at $5800 currently, aiming at professionals and high end consumers.


Remember Pimax only used Fresnel because folks said it had to be fresnel. I would have chosen to stick to Aspherical like the 4k. But everyone figure if htc & oculus are using fresnel; they must be best. Lol


Did you see this Kopin video from CES? Surprised they had it working ao well. If Star VR have somthing truly next gen it will justify the price otherwise its just more of the same


I have owned every iteration of the Rift. I had the very first Kickstarter, up to the current one. “Premium feeling” is totally meaningless. Vive gave us roomscale from the start, and Oculus has been playing catchup since. I was all in for the Rift, and ditched it once I tried the Vive. I even bought it AGAIN once it seemed they finally had decent roomscale. It was subpar compared to the Vive. Oh and the touch controllers blow. With Windows MR being better than the Rift as well (for the headset), the ONLY reason to look at a Rift is for tracking…which is inferiors to the Vive. That is why Pimax was smart to go that route.

The original Vive has less SDE, and the Vive Pro puts the Rift to shame. Lighthouse 2 tracking is the best, the Vive Pro headset is the best…so, what I said stands. If you are too cheap to buy the Vive Pro, I am not sure what you are doing looking at StarVR, which will be over $2,000 and be on the market for a year.


StarVR attempted to be in the business market and failed. This is their last ditch effort. I HOPE IT SUCCEEDS! I would buy one, even if it is 3k, if it is truly the very best headset. I don’t think you can make money that way…look at all of the drama when the Rift came out and it wasn’t 300 like the fanboys expected. Look at the drama around the Vive Pro…a headset that nobody forced you to buy, yet offered the very best experience. HTC is evil for offering a great headset bundle for 499 AND ALSO offering a premium version. You will never be able to please all of these idiots.


Looks like your post would be directed to @allocen as @George was trying to clean up his post a bit.

I will weigh in though. For SDE Rift is better than OG Vive (probably can be made similar by dialing the brightness down - Too Bright). Tracking definitely better than rift (but Cam tracking has its limits; including not as efficient for setting cameras up vs lighthouses). Lighthouses offer more flexible setup as they need not be attached to pc.

Recently tried the Vive Pro. Tracking hasn’t changed vs og Vive (mostly setup easier with v2 lighthouses). SDE still very noticeable. But not as overpowering as it was in OG Vive & Rift.

Fresnel lenses of course in the pro at different angles the rings are evident & did notice a bit of ghosting/blur with looking at Stars in Space Pirate Trainer.

Games Trialed in my 30m experience.

  • Space Pirate Trainer
  • Beat Saber
  • Bullet Sorrow
  • Another Space Pirate like game with Wormholes?

Overal Vive Pro decent but not worth the over inflated price point. I do hope to try a Samsung Odyssy even with WMR tracking issues(still young); but makes up for it with easy portability. And of course they need to release a better Quality after market WMR controller.

But the good WMR headsets could be used with Valve tracked controllers.


you are correct it was not directed at George personally.

I agree with much of what you are saying. Odyssey has a great headset, the issue is the tracking. The lenses on the Rift and Vive are the weakness. I tried the lens replacements and they made a big difference. I don’t get where you see a lot of SDE on the Vive Pro, but maybe your vision is much better than mine.

My point was not that Vive is perfect, far from it. My point was that it is the best current VR system. Pimax will likely beat it. If StarVR puts out a consumer headset, it would also be better, but will also be about 4-5 times the cost. That won’t stop me from buying it…but I need to see reviews from people I trust first. I invested in Pimax because they have shown they can get it done. Now it is a matter of how well they get it done.


If tried the Xtal and I was really underwelmed …
Like it was not good …
I was able to see a kind of seam where the split lens merged … and the vertical FOV was worsent than the Vives…
The resolution was good but it also made me feel very cross eyed…
I would not hold my breath for this thing…


Here is a picture of the setup.


Well with SDE/Pixels like @sjefdeklerk coming from pimax’s 4k model. Like sj, I can clearly see it but unlike og vive it’s not bothersome. I could live with & enjoy the Vive Pro.

But I am not as picky as most. Just never found Rift or Vive worth there original price points. I do understand though why folks were upset about Rift’s price point was due to Oculus’ original projection on price until they discovered they needed better tracking than what was originally thought.

I think if HTC had released the pro for $200 more than OG Vive as a complete package it would have had better reception. Overall it’s nice with a fair amount of improvements to ergonomics & such. But the pricing & HTC’s often bad customer service. Not good.

I am curious to see if LG is still moving forward with their steam headset “UltraGear” & what changes/improvements they put into it.

Obviously switch from wand based controllers to a knuckle of course. But wonder if there going to up thr fov & res. And if there going to be more reasonable then htc on pricepoint. Even a bump to 120 to 140 fov would serve well.


Damn that doesn’t sound good at all. If I’d pay almost 6k for a HMD it should be damn good. Really looking forward to @mixedrealityTV’s review though


I’m not expecting much of Kopin here. Always delaying …


Im suprised I missed this CES video. Unlike their first demos they have it all integrated with Steam in a nice compact housing. Hell throw in valve tracking and it’s a game changer


Was around May or June if I remember correctly…
It was an event of my local university.

I don’t know … they still have a lot of work to do…
I guess if you haven’t tried a good PCVR headset before you would be really happy but for me it was to heavy and not very comfortable…

I guess it’s also about how good the ‘Auto-IPD’ worked …


The platform, which was announced at GDC last year, will be shown running an Unreal Engine VR demo inside both the StarVR and Microsoft’s Windows ‘Mixed Reality’ VR headsets at the event in Vancouver, Canada, from August 12th – 16th.

It is assumed that starvr is not compatible with steamvr can be solved by openxr in the future.


More info on the Star Vr announcement

Keynote will start at 10:30am PT

Intergrated eye tracking will be demonstrated

Arizona sunshine arcade mode will be demoed

Multiple booths will be demonstrating the “next gen” headset including the Intel booth

Should be lots of reviews showing up tomorrow!!