New Starvr Wide FOV Consumer Headset Coming Soon


It does not mean steamvr compatibility. may have been modified to be compatible with starvr.
If you know how starvr works, you can understand it.


StarVR will unveil its all-new next-generation VR headset specifically architected to support the most optimal life-like VR experiences to date to meet the needs and requirements of VR for the commercial sector.

The contents of the link clearly state ‘the commercial sector’.
Therefore, it can be guessed that it is not for consumers.


Yeah after reading that article my hopes have gone to about 0. Really too bad …


And I heard that the Xtal is maaaassive and increadibly heavy rendering it useless for long sessions. think @voodoode tried it in one of his vids


I don’t think it was VoodooDE, but was recently mentionef by a member as Heavy & noticed a seem where the lenses were fused/joined.


Sorry for the confusion… It was the VRHero 5K Plus…
My mind was playing tricks on me…


I tested the Teslasuit and the VRHero 5K, will test XTAL soon.


I understand the StarVR hype as it sounds like it could be a consumer release coming soon (maybe pre orders tonight?). Price might be high for consumers and I dont expect anything below 1000 or maybe 1500 usd. Still, it’s going to be an interesting announcement.

What I don’t understand though, is the hype about XTAL lately. To me it sounds like a headset that will never reach the consumer market. Its just a proof of concept for showcases and maybe some premium VR arcades, with a price tag of almost 6000usd per unit.

No matter if they put crystal clear sapphire grade 200+FOV lenses into XTAL, there’s no way in hell any home consumer will pay 5000-6000usd for a VR headset :frowning:


My prediction it’s not consumer headset as well as Xtal and price will be simillar. Amen


I think you are right. We’ll see real soon. The presentation was scheduled to start 15 minutes ago. We will watch RoadToVR closely :slight_smile:


Do you have any link to stream or somethink ?:slight_smile:


No. Unfortunately we have to wait for the press. Their current live links are not really relevant:

Introduction to DirectX Raytracing

3D globes on the web


Yes its only for business. The site is online


Steamvr V2 tracking so we can use it



[quote] RoadToVR:
Made for the commercial and enterprise VR markets, the StarVR headset’s defining feature has been its ultra-wide field of view (claimed at 210 degrees horizontal and 130 degrees vertical). The newly revealed StarVR One brings significant upgrades, according to the company, including eye-tracking, AMOLED displays, SteamVR Tracking 2.0, and a new headstrap. A variant of the headset, the StarVR One XT, has built-in optical markers for use with tracking systems other than SteamVR Tracking.

The headset’s new AMOLED displays have a resolution of 1,830 × 1,464 each (3,660 × 1,464 across both eyes), which StarVR says use an RGB-stripe subpixel structure for less screen door effect. The displays also bring the headset up to a 90Hz refresh rate, from 62Hz previously.

As far as we know, the previous StarVR headset had a total resolution of 5,120 × 1,440, which would mean the latest headset is actually a downgrade in resolution, though the company says the StarVR One has up to 16 pixels per degree, which doesn’t seem to add up with the specifications the company has provided. We’ve reached out to StarVR for clarity on this apparent discrepancy.[/quote]


we’d expect it to fall somewhere in the $2,000 to $10,000 range.


Interesting. Better res than Vive Pro but less than og StarVR & pimax 5k. But does havr some nice touches for business sector.

But as Ben points out somethings don’t add up. It would be interesting to test FoV using @oscar_rov tool to see if it is indeed 220 horizontal.


So. Pimax still has some nice HMD after all. But the clock is ticking. I hope the guys that attend in Berlin for the M2 backers tour will be pleased. Tell them to get their IPD asap at their optometrist to make the setting for sweetspot for the fresnel lenses as good as possible. Dont let them forget that part! @xunshu


The lens look good on the youtube video . I cannot see any seam etc , definately doctored


Meh , this YT link is not thru the lenses video, looks like marketing propaganda with pasted in static picture ,nothing more…