NEW Upload VR V5 Review



Tks for link! Although it still has issues that need to be address I feel confident they will in due time. Maybe because I have vive already for 20 months I don’t feel the urgency for them to ship until it’s finished version…


There is another post


This one sounds more positive, will have to wait V6 I guess.


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Could you explain where multiple experiences are, with several dispositives, promised for visitors to the Pimax stand?

for what you have read so far, there is only the blue experience.
and it is in passive mode, without drivers.
We expect more detailed information from Pimax.
we did not have video of the prototype v4, we are in the V5 version and we continue the same.

please keep a more fluid communication thread, both for good and bad news.


I would guess that the problem the reviewers report with the tracking was unexpected, so they decided against more intense experiences when they discovered it.


Hmm he basically mentions most of the same points as others:

  • heavy HMD
  • distracting distortion on the edges
  • tracking problems
  • latency issue’s

Then again, he did not mention any display panel downsides itself (colour/brightness/mura) nor distortion in the main periphery.


Image quality is my priority and I am not worried about tracking, I think they can fix it easily, worst case scenario is get help from Valve, it’s under license so I guess there must be some kind of support.

The guy from Road2Vr was not sure if it was distortion, sounds more like total reflection caused by the internal shape of the new lens to me.


Agreed, tracking SHOULD be trivial. Just hoping they don’t use some cheap-ass hardware for it, otherwise we should be fine. The distortion around the edges of the lenses should be trivial too, if they can’t solve it just cover them with something, I don’t think people would go crazy over losing a few degrees FoV. Latency might be a problem though, Pimax was extremely slow in fixing the HMD driver for the Pimax 4k (almost a year) and this time it might even be more complicated. We’ll have to wait and see.


According to them the tracking is due to a power shortage from to the extra LED’s added for the backlight. I hope thats the case and the tracking can be spot on. These issues resolved the 8K is still set to be the be the best headset on the market

Like you Im tempted to get the Vive pro but already I know after geting over the small increase in resolution its still just a HTC Vive 1 with terrible FOV and lenses. Alot of people are reporting that the jump is nothing special


Hehe yeah I am afraid of disappointment too with the vive
There is one thing cool about it and that is that the input resolution is higher than the pimax 4k


Yes but I am still yet to find one reviewer prove games are running higher than 1440p native in the oddysey? I tried to get mixed reality TV to prove it and he didnt know??


In the end, Pimax 8K does not come out among the best things in CES 2018 to Upload VR. It is not mentioned, unlike the Vive Pro.


Given the vast range of problems that’s not really surprising


No, it’s not surprising.


Yes it is.
If the Pimax, in the state it was shown, would get accounced as one of the best things the CES had to offer, than that would be quite a sad showcase for the CES. The stand was mediocre, only the blue was available for testing and the device itself was faulty. Doesn’t come close to the best.


The native res of the Odyssey is 1440x1600, why would you expect it to run higher?


Who said anything about it running higher?


You did…are you on drugs?


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