New user, question about getting base stations



Hi, I just got my 5k+ and as I’m new to VR I now want to get base stations and controllers too. Question: if I get two HTC Vive base stations and the wand controllers, do I also need the “link box” to connect them all - or is that only needed for the Vive headset?



You don’t need a linkbox.


Ok, great, thanks for the info!


Backer or pre order? :beers::sunglasses::+1::sparkles:


How involved is it to get the controllers and/or base stations working with the 5k+?


That is an interesting question. Some have an easy plug & play xp while some need to jump through hoops.

In theory though most seem to have ease of setup. But as @PimaxUSA might say that’s anecdotal info as we don’t have the full picture. :beers::smirk::+1::sparkles:

Guessing should be easy to setup from what I have observed in the field.


Pre-order! (First pre-order phase before the first site broke)


I just received a pair of Vive controllers in the mail. I was able to pair them to the 5k+ with no issues through both PiTool and SteamVR, but the only time PiTool sees them is if I enable lighthouses. I don’t currently have any lighthouses for tracking. I assume that they’re required for the controllers to work? :frowning:


Yes Unfortunately to track you need lighthouses.


I’m running ok on 1 base station, and thank (insert your favourite deity). Currently looking for vive controllers …thats proving more difficult.


I got two on eBay for around $150 shipped.


Thats a crazy deal, they are scarce and sell for 180 apiece now (HTC are nuts, the rift controllers are far superior and sell for half the price). Been looking for a week or so.


Personally I think it’s wiser to wait longer for Pimax’s own controllers to come out before investing in base stations. Reason being, Pimax controllers can only work with Lighthouse version 2.0 so it’d be a waste to spend money on base stations now since they’ll be obsolete in the near future.

Just a thought.


only boujght the one Vivebase station second hand for 100 bucks because I want 6DOF…works great btw. I am a backer and therefore will be getting free Pimax controllers and base stations, when they are released down the road later this year.

Edit: free for me… because I backed the full package.


Pimax Controllers & headset can work with either Lighthouse versions.

It’ LH v2.0 that cannot work with v1.0 tracking like og vive & peripherals (Vive Wands & Vive tracking pucks v1.0)


Oh I thought they are not backward compatible. Nice to know that I may not need to upgrade my base stations. Thanks @Heliosurge


Can I double check one thing?

The original Pimax package only includes one basestation as far as I can tell?
There seemed to be a potentially misleading photo on the original product page which showed two stations and two controllers, but the description states ‘base station’ in the singular. I asked Pimax a while back but didn’t hear back.

Looking again at the store now, they seem to have added new packages which include 2 basestations and 2 controllers hmmm… :thinking:


Asking @Mozi for clarification :+1:


Thanks @Heliosurge sorry should have made my myself clear - I sent him a message :slight_smile:


Mozi confirmed that all packages come with two base stations, phew. I know it sounds like a silly question, but with the given wording, it was worth checking :slight_smile:


Awesome always best to ask when things seem vague than presume. :beers::sunglasses::+1::sparkles: