New user, question about getting base stations



@Heliosurge I just tried my 8K today and decided I need a base station now vs later. Only do seated games so was thinking one should do.

Is the Vive BS in the link below compatible with 8K? Can’t tell if this is v1 or v2. Assume v1?


Most like v1.0 LH as Valve has restricted v2.0 LH sales.

Pimax 5k & 8k headsets are compatible for use with either LH version.

1 Lighthouse should be sufficient. @neal_white_iii uses 1 HTC v1.0 Lighthouse for Elite Dangerous.

Version 1 Lighthouses benefit they can be used with v1.0 & v2.0 tracking accessories.

Version 2 Lighthouses are only compatable with v2.0 tracking devices.


Thanks 2020202020202020


I can confirm, many games/apps using only 1 ver.1.0 LH works perfectly fine. Tracks better than 1 lighthouse on the Oculus Rift.


One is on its way, should be here tomorrow.