New Video from SmarterEveryday about Infinadeck Treadmill


With some explanations of how it’s working.


I’m not sure it’s that doable. It’s fun to stroll around maybe but running and quick responses to attacking naked women would require a whole lot more from this platform. Maybe A.I. could help predict your moves but what if it’s wrong? My prediction is they’ll never get a decent working version, unfortunately.


Unfortunately this is only worth its cheap price (less than $6,000 allegedly) and will never work well, good omnidirectional treadmill have always been very expensive in the past 20 years and still today, to get a decent one, you have to spend $120,000 to get an Omnideck16 by Omnifinity to play Onward in full glory, being able to crawl while prone too!
Just for the curious, this is an older version from 5 years ago at a tech fair restricted to civilians: