New VR Chair, Roto VR, with integrated VR Walking



Awesome though way too many toys. :laughing:


Yes and it’s a sit down toy so it’s exactly what old farts like me want. How much is it?


About 2 Grand USD fully kitted out…

Worth it if you ask me…


Out of my price range… but… Omg!
If it works it’s gonna be awesome, looks like a good almost aio solution. Looked like it even got a butt kicker on board, definitiv great for all seated games/experiences. Good for racing lovers (I’m not though) that struggle with room and have no place for an extra rig.


Looks like a much more expensive cyber shoes + carpet + chair…


Putting the price aside (and it is too expensive for me as well) it’s good to see that companies are starting to buy into VR and it’s associated periferals.


Why is it so expensive?


Well if you take a (as what I could figured out)

  • decent gaming chair
  • 360 degree motor sturdy enough to move a heavy human beeing including weight of chair while maintaining responsiveness (probably most pricy part)
  • cyber shoes
  • multiple inbuild rumble
  • butt kicker
  • tracker
    the price does not seem that unfair.
    I’m usually very sceptical towards most vr gadgets but this one makes kinda sense.
    Yes it’s basically a mix of already known gadgets but with the motor it gets an “arcady” vibe. Not sure whether it supports a little tilt as well which would be even more awesome.
    If you usually combine that many stuff it would look messy.
    Like that it almost looks like a normal chair and may replace the “normal” chair that everybody uses anyway.
    Aaand no need for a shitty ikea lamp in the middke of the room :slight_smile:


Actually cheaper than 2k including most accessories


The strcker pric may be $1,499.88 BUT that does not include:

  1. The flowers for one’s Significant Other: aprox $150ish for long-stemmed roses
  2. The dinner and a show for same: Figure 250-300 range
  3. 12-24 pack of Beer for your friend to help cart in the 3 boxes and assemble: $50
  4. Urgent Care visit for pulling out of back/hernia resulting from #3
  5. Therapy for the resulting laughter and derision from SO due to #4
  6. New clothing to replace outfit on first use due to bad wiring (should never work with wires drunk)


All told 2K seems like a steal…