New VR channel - Hardware & Gaming - Pimax, Vive, Wireless, DAS, HOTAS, Steering Wheel & much more


Hi guys,

I’ve just recently acquired all of the following hardware for my channel. I’m like a kid at Christmas!!!

HTC Vive (OG)
Vive Wireless (DisplayLink)
Deluxe Audio Strap
GT Omega wheel stand
Thrustmaster T.16000M FCS Flight Pack (Joystick, throttle & rudder pedals)
Logitech G920 steering wheel, pedals & shifter
Pimax 5K+ (pre order)

So the reason for this lot is because I’m starting up a new YouTube channel (SweViver & MRTV etc) have inspired me. I always wanted to do it, but was distracted or things prevented me!. My name is Simon and from the UK, followed VR ever since a young Palmer Lucky decided to slap a smart phone to his face (so quite a few years). I’ve setup my YouTube channel 1 month ago, managed to get my custom url setup (30 days waiting time), was already a Twitch streamer so I’m on there too with Twitch Partner.

I have been really busy setting up the VR studio and acquired a load of new hardware during Black Friday deals. I’m uploading a few videos as I go along, but if you check out the social media sites I have a load of photos of the studio, all the hardware and my dog! :slight_smile: As things are settling down and I have everything into place, I will start properly with my content. The last and most important thing, is that if I can ask you to visit the channel on YouTube/Twitch & Social Media sites, hit follow/subscribe and I will do my best to bring some half decent content for you all. Starting new isn’t the easiest so I’m just asking for some support on my new virtual voyage. Wish me luck!


Nice. Look forward to checking it out more.