News from Magic Leap and brief video of actual unit


Edit: posted the wrong link:

From today’s livestream, finally a physical unit and not a 3D render or photoshopped promo pic, apparently they’ve confirmed they’re on target for a 2018 release, hopefully for less than $5,000 as many have speculated.

In the meantime, after 3 years of promises, I still can’t get an R9 unit from Odg but on the other hand Leap Motion (just today) announced the North Star is open source


Complete stream here:


Looks nice and promising but I was also hoping to see a demo especially when they are aiming to release this year


Someone said they’ll probably show a live demo on July 12th, so we’ll see.


Did you notice she has a mustache tattoo in between her fingers…!


Yup, as soon as I saw that it reminded me of a few years ago when it was trending , when you could meet guys at the local range putting a sticker on their stock lol

Guess she chose the more permanent way, maybe now she’ll tattoo the Magic Leap logo too!