Next batch details?


@PimaxVR @xunshu when is the next batch going to be ready and when will the 5k/8k emails start going out to the next set of backers?
Also how many can we expect in the next batch (up to roughly what backer number) ?


Yeah, I asked the same, but under a wrong topic… My apologies @Riccardo

@xunshu since you’ve apparently managed to ship nearly half of the headsets of the first 100, shouldn’t you be sending the queries to the next bunch of backers already, or are the 100 first still kind of testers group and you wait say 2 weeks they testing the headset before proceeding with the next batch… Idk just thinking out loud :thinking::rolling_eyes:


No worries!
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This would be handy to know as I’ve been refreshing my emails and checking my junk folder hundreds of times a day since the chinese holiday ended :joy:


@Pimax-Support starts to prepare the shipping details of the next batch.
Will post the progress in the KS delivery update: [Official] Delivery specific FAQ


Awesome! Ramp it up! @xunshu power :muscle:


I wondered that too. But after some thought I think it is other stuff. The unit is ready as it will ever be. Software will continue to improve and they have to draw the line somewhere.

I think any delays now are more to do with the next phase of tuning their business, e.g. post production. Things like logistics, improving yield quality, business agreements, modules, website, sales, customer care network, repair centers and the thousand other challenges that go with operating an international business.

This HMD will have vastly more demand than their 4K unit.


Yeah I wondered it because isn’t there a group for the early backers (100) *
I thought that if theres a serious glitch in the hmd nobody noticed before then wouldn’t it make sense to make a batch of 100 units first and let the early backers find it instead of making 6000 faulty units.

You could be very well right though

*Edit. I cant find the post now saying something like “… we will set up a special group for the very early adopters, to help you setting up and configure the software…”


Yeah, any missed fault introduced at manufacturing stage would be catastrophic, a recall can be very damaging which is why you go very slow to start and ramp up. It appears this is what they are doing though.

If it was my business I would be terrified during this first month for the reasons you suggest :smiley:


Ah, I missed that. Do those early backers know they are special? @spamenigma


Well there is an early backers group, but the members seem to be those original testers only.

I’m starting to doubt myself :thinking:
I’ll try to find the post when at home, now working and on mobile


I was supposed to be in the first batch and have heard nothing. They confirmed I was in the first batch via email as well.


@Pimax-Support will get in touch with you soon.
Sorry it’s a bit slow, because it’s the first batch, but we will ramp up the production and the process will be faster.


Yea, we get to be a member of a top secret special group… I applied when it was first mentioned but told to wait for shipping, not that special yet… :blush:

Its on the kickstarter update what backers need to do.


Backer 194 here. Just got my email asking if I want to switch :smiley: So excited!


Backer 186 here. Yeh, Me too. Just found in spam.


So maybe I’ll receive by #1000+ headset by the end of November?


If they’re right about being able to ramp up the speed of production and shipping with each batch I’d say so!


Lul, 1000, i want mine 3234 by the end of october or middle november at least, i dont care how they do it…


I #48 still not received a tracking, I see that people between 100 and 200 receive the tracking, are there other people in these cases?