No 10 meter cable



2 days ago my Pimax 5k+ arrived in the mail (which was earlier than I expected as my backer number is in the high 3k’s) but it arrived without a 10 meter cable despite having backed for it.

I tried opening a ticket to ask for details on it but it has been 2 days without an answer, so I was wondering if anyone ordered the 10m cable and got it, or if anyone knows anything about the delivery plans.

ps. First post, happy to be here :grinning:


I have also backed the 10 meter cable and have asked multiple times about it with no response from Pimax . I don’t want to pay for another extension cable while i wait for Pimax to send it . What is the point of paying Pimax for one if they don’t send it with the headset .


I backed a 8kx and an 8k as well as every accessory available and only received one headset with one foam. Apparently they are only sending out headsets to backers currently and randomly picking one of the 3 foam sizes.


I think they were so focused on getting it shipped it slipped everyone’s minds.


I paid for the extra cable too… This is getting really annoying


Right now they are shipping headsets, they never said anything about shipping accessories. I don’t know where you got your information from.


I asked xunshu a few months ago and she said that the extension cable will come later. Thats all I know.


Wow I really paid for it too and looks like I have to get extension cables myself like sweviver did…unbelievable


Why is the missing cable more annoying that all the other accessoires ? If you need prescription glasses, the missing lens holders will even mean you cannot see well for as long as you have to wait for them. However, as JasonA1 just mentioned, they told us many months ago that first they would ship headsets only and all the asseccoires, as well as the backer rewards, would be made available later when available.


You are being really annoying too


@Axacuatl. You are right.
But I must confess that I also would have liked to receive everything at once. But I’m already happy with the 8K because it is already as good as Pimax had promised, at least for me.
And the 8KX is still under development and will be delivered later. As much as Pimax wants, they can not force things. I also have to wait for the promised accessories.


Mee too, of course. And for those poor bastards who don’t have an old, broken Vive at home, they have to figure out a way to get Lighthouses & controllers, while not knowing if Pmax are going to ship theirs within 3-4 months too which then would make you wonder if you should wait or take the hit of dishing out a couple of hundred bucks to HTC or somebody on ebay…

But Pimax gave us the choice at the time, if we wanted to wait for the complete package, and I wisely chose to get my 8K as soon as possible and not wait for the full package. I just couldn’t bear the thought to have to wait till say October 2018 before I can experience my 8K… well, that worked out well…


I simply ordered a new lighthouse from Amazon. It wasn’t cheap ($160 US), but you only need 1 for seated VR (like Elite Dangerous) and it will provide the full 6DOF experience. I don’t need the controllers to play the games I currently want to play, but I’ll probably buy the new Valve knuckles at some point. (I like the idea of having BOTH a thumb-stick and a trackpad on each controller.)


My Pimax 5K+ is being shipped at the moment.

Do we get the 10m cable now or not? I have paid extra for the cable.
My PC is very far away from the play space and not moveable. For my Vive I have high quality cable extensions to the splitter box. I think they both are 3 meters. (so that makes 8meters in total)

Thank you. I’m pretty excited but it’s going to take a while until it arrives, I hope everything works well.


October 2018? Did you went back to the future? Jk


This one is just another dropping of the ball. Pimax aren’t cable makers. They will buy the cable. They’ve had prototype hmds for a cable manufacturer to test on for a long time.

They charged us who wanted one. Knowing that we want one for our setup and not supplying with hmd means they know we have to go and buy again. For them it was a phone call, ‘We’d like to order a few thousand cables to this spec and it has to run this vr hmd without problems’. Yes I know a little more work, but not much. One person could have it ordered by lunchtime.

It’s a 3rd party item that’s not unique and being held back by Valve, but it comes later. Of course it does.

Buys cable from Pimax, has to buy another one anyway. Buys lighthouses from pimax, has to buy another one anyway. Buys controllers from pimax, has to buy more anyway. Buys deluxe audio strap from Pimax, has to buy another one anyway…

And people wonder why I think I’m better off selling to a vive owner than keeping it.


I’m with you, but that doesn’t quite answer my question to the Pimax owners out there.

I guess nobody recieved their 10m cable then?

I THINK I can’t use the Pimax without that cable. I’m not sure if I can use the Vive cable to extend the 5m Pimax cable ?!

But honestly…it’s just a cable. It should come with the HMD, not months later. I can understand the base stations and most obviously the controllers require some more time (the base stations appear to be more finalized) … but a cable? A cable is simple and should have been ready to ship 1 year ago.

I have heard the 10m cable has passed the testing in the Pimax labs. So do we get the cable now or not? :-/
I know, I will find out soon. But I want to be prepared for it and not open the box with a smile, then can’t find the 10m cable and my smile would be instantly gone…


No disrespect, you should be happy you got a Pimax


The Cable will come with basestations and controller. I guess a 10m Cable without right tracking is not that cool but I understand the question.


But I want to use the Pimax in roomscale. My base stations don’t even look at my desktop, I need ~4m - ~5m cable to reach the edge of the playspace.

I have no tracking at my PC/Desktop using the Vive. I only do roomscale. Perhaps the Pimax does work there because it can track from behind much better.
That’s why I’ve ordered the 10m cable.

If they don’t send it, I have to buy another 10m cable elsewhere and in some time I would have 2x 10m cables! For what?