No display, can only use anti-tamper Firmware hack


Recently, I made a post asking for where to buy replacement cables for the headset as mine broke. Support never responded there or on Skype, but did manage to completely ignore me over Email and close my ticket, so I moved on to fixing it myself.

I’ve gotten new cables, and disassembled the headset to put them in. Which tripped the anti-tamper protection, and so I had to flash the firmware workaround for that.

But now, it’s the only firmware that will work, and the display is black.

I regret not committing to a chargeback on my card to be quite frank as this entire experience has been a waste of my time.

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Try the official method described here

If your running amd gpu try rolling back the driver.


Sounds like you have the hmd plugged in when you opened it!

Needs to be unplugged and no power to the device, good to know what caused it in case you have to do it again for lens cleaning etc


The official method simply gives a blinking red and green lights. I’m not running an AMD GPU.


Checkbto make sure all things are connected. In between the lenses top there is a board that needs to be pushed on in place.