No display in Pimax 4K


Dear sirs,

Even i installed all drivers including Pimax program successfully,
my Pimax 4K is not showing any screen(Just black screen only…).
Please refer to attached setting of Pimax screen.

I do not know how to finalize this setting, because it looks all driver has been installed successfully.
I am using WIndows 10 64 bit with MSI VORTEX G65(VR compatible type), Geforce 1070 graphic card.
And i am using dual HDMI with one monitor and PIMAX 4K.

Please let me know this.


Hi,friend,have you tried to change to pimax mode?


Dear sir,
Yes, I have tried to change to pimax mode, but no display in VR equipment even showing the green light at upper part of equipment.(Video mode also same situation…)


What’s the driver of graphics version?


My graphic is NVDIA 1070, driver version is 387.92 for Windows 10 home edition(64bit).


Could we use Teamviewer at present? I’m pleased to assist you remotely.


Actually, i have not been to use teamviewer program.
I will try to download and install it, and let you know.
Just a moment please.


Sure,with pleasure,please pm and send me the ID & password.


Hi. I am ready to remote access.

My ID : xxxxxxx
PW : xxxxxxxx


Ok,I will connect you at once.


Sorry. I missed information for connection,

ID : xxxxxxx
PW : xxxxxxx


Dear sir,
I have restart my PC.


How about the result?


The result is same…green LED without screen.

If you want to remote connect,
ID xxxxxxxxx
PW xxxxxx

Is this required OS reinstall??..


Please go ahead and let me know the result, I will request one of our engineers to join us again, good night.


Hi ken.

I have edited your posts with teamviewer always send private message to support members like @Doman or pimax support email. As this gives veiwers potenial access to your pc.

Also i do apologize but to confirm you have tried wearing the headset? Reason I ask there is a sensor that keeps display off til it detects its being worn. (some are unaware of this feature)


Dear sir,
I have format my PC and reinstalled WIN10 and reinstalled Piplay.
But the situation is same as before and green led with black screen.
As discussed, i will try to change the connection for Main monitor from HDMI to miniDP connection to prevent
any collision the system.
I will let you know the result tomorrow.
Thank you very much for your help today!


@kenjung You’re welcome. Given that this is a new style PC, I also suggest you to try a converter that may switch mini DP port to HDMI port that is used for Pimax.


Dear Sir,
Even i changed the connection for main monitor from HDMI to miniDP, and
connecting the headset by HDMI only, still same situation(Green color with no display…)

Please kindly inform your further instruction.


Hi, can you try to connect the headset to miniDP port?