No Mans Sky VR releases August 14


Bought, thanks for sharing. Could do with a new go-to VR game.


A bit cheaper (edit: sorry, no it’s almost the same missed the second bonus code above) here, I get most not pre ordered games here.
it is at 20€ with no special code


In 4k its a very taxing game , getting around 60 to 80 fps on a Acer 27 4k 144hz Monitor with a rtx 2080 ti running @ 2000mhz and 8000mhz on vram… with i9 9900k @ 4.7 ghz.

I wonder what the perfomance gonna be in vr :confused:


bigger things, sounds good ill have to try that


haha good luck, they work for EA


Holy cow…and what did you expected ? At 4K plus 144Hz any game would crush the graphic card, it needs to render 1.194.393.600 pixel per second !! LOL (yes…over 1 billion pixels)

It’s almost incredible it still delivers over 60 Fps !!.. :smiley:


I’m ridiculously hyped up for this one, hoping for finger track too with index controllers as Hello games have had them for months. Let’s just hope they got enough optimisation with the Vulkan API to keep a decent frame rate.


cant wait for this :slight_smile:


So Im curious, I too am super stoked for this but why have we all pinned our VR hopes on this. Alot of us are saying this might be VRs first true killer app. Are we setting ourselves up for dissappointment?

Ill start by trying to explain, why I have gotten my hopes up.

I love the immersion of Elite Dangerous in VR. Nothing else comes close in that living in another universe feeling. However the game is seriously boring.
So many times i wished i could see planets with vegetation, get out of the spaceship, and do more.

No mans sky in the 100 hrs I have already sank into it checks so many boxes that elite couldnt and the thought of doing it all in VR, without the pressure of an “end game” is soo alluring.
I can imagine on days where I just want to relax and escape real life just being transported to my base on another world and exploring. Its going to be so great.


The game has enough scope and those who have experienced it in VR seem excited so I feel my $29.21CA was an OK investment. I have only taken a cursory look at the game in flatland but I see some interesting possibilities in VR. Looking forward to it.


I agree, Elite for me feels amazing, but it just feels like you are waiting for features that never come. It’s fantastic as a space simulation, but ultimately has no more features than than the 1984 original. They are very different games, and simmers may really hate the arcade physics of NMS.

Personally, my last VR game I put many hours into was the Forest in VR. I didn’t pay that game a great deal of attention in pancake mode, but when they added VR I was completely hooked for hundreds of hours.

NMS VR is not going to be for everyone, as the pancake game isn’t. I’m going to personally stay ridiculously excited for it though. My girlfriend has been warned that this weekend is basically written off, and she needs to go shopping for 12 hours :smiley:


i think listening to this you better can send her on a long holliday :grin:


We’ve been here before though, can we really believe him?

What if its all LIES! :rofl:


don’t think so unless he is an idiot :rofl:


He is.
Even after everything that went wrong at launch he has still said that it wasn’t his fault and it was people exaggerating and concentrating on the bad.
Even though he flat out lied about features in the game multiple times.
Dude is a complete Asshat.

That said i still enjoy the game, I just will never believe anything he says and will always dislike him


yeah i have heard some things about it, i guess we will know tomorrow, butt i don’t worry because what he says is supported with game footage.


Been waiting for NMS since when it was announced in April.
I will be using my Oculus Quest with Virtual Desktop streaming to play it, because i still don’t have the pimax basestations and controllers…

I spent 35 hours in the game already, preparing for the update, unlocking what i can to have a better spaceship and generally more freedom.


I’ve always viewed NMS as a pink and fluffy rip-off of Elite, so I haven’t given it a serious thought so far. And I can’t belive they even name this update identically to the last major Elite update/season. What a joke.

Those things aside, people should play a game if they enjoy it. Even I might try this VR update of theirs eventually. Time will tell.


Some of what he said at release was supported with ‘faked’ footage too. Or old footage that he still said represented the truth (but didnt at all).
I would hope he isnt a sh*t enough person to do it again, but who knows.
Im still very excited for the update, but just not gonna take his word for anything.


so when exactly is the update dropping is GMT.

can i expect to be playing tonight at midnight?