No Mans Sky VR releases August 14


Elite is a under-achieving version of NMS.

When elite adds atmospheric planets, flora and fauna and space legs we can talk.


What you’re talking about is a question of taste. I already said people should play it if they enjoy it.
But that won’t change any of the facts in my post, so stop being a child.


wow is it that bad haha


you have to ask Sean i don’t know
edit but to be serious i see the update is not sceduled yet for tomorrow on steam, not a good sign…


Belive it… it was that bad times 10. It was the second best example ever of over inflated hype (#1 ofc goes to Star Citizen)… and of course they couldn’t live up to it. The genius solution was to lie their asses off and launch the unfinished piece of **** alpha version. :rofl:

These days many of the things missing at launch are in the game. :partying_face:


I’ve been playing nms a bit, it’s a highly approachable game which seems perfect for a VR title. It’s very simple compared to ED but it’s also quite fun and extremely easy to get into.

Also I imagine some of the procedurally generated landscapes will be shockingly awesome to see in VR.


oke i posted an controversial figure here :slight_smile: i wasn’t involved in the game at the time. I hope he’s gotten a bit wiser…
I have played a couple of hours now, It’s not to compare with ED. i join with previous comments, ED is an serious space simulator and this game is just more arcade and fun, i like it in a different way. it will look great in VR i tried it a bit with vorpx yesterday, not supported but i got a glimps, it will be nice the landscapes and lifesize vegetation and animals/aliens and exploring and stuff, but more in an arcade way…


I wonder what the performance will be lol


Are you using Pimax controllers or a gamepad? If pimax controllers how about some news. As we know you have been playing with prototypes.


The VR version of NMS doesn’t release until tomorrow, just keyboard and mouse now. I was simply curious about all the buzz on this game and how it might impact vr. It’s certainly approachable and quite fun.


I hope my rtx 2080 ti can hold those 82hz of the pimax xr


Release times
UK: 2 pm (BST)
Europe: 3 pm (CEST)
East Coast US: 9 am (EDT)
West Coast US: 6 am (PDT)


still hasn’t dropped at 10:30 EDT


same here in europe…


Same here in UK :persevere:


Voodoo DE has it on his PSVR, something for the waiting. Looks fantastic, controlers etc.
Hope the graphic problem is not present or tweakable on PC


Update started - 4,8 GB :beers: :grinning: :clap:

Parallel projections are not required :sunglasses:


My body is ready but my 980 ti isn’t lol. Guess it might be time to upgrade if my 980 can’t handle it. Was hoping to hold off until intel announces their new video card.


It’s beautiful in VR, the way it was meant to be played all along.


here also :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: