No more fuzzies! Yay


eureka! Had a spark of inspiration and now my pimax is fantastically clear.
I have normal vision but theres always been disappointing blur even after
pimax sent new lenses. Figured thats just how its…
Well it seems that the lenses sit too close to the screen!
I tried an easy remedy -installed slips of compressible foam under the
tabs of the lens holders and turned the screws only slightly so the lenses are
like 2 or 3 mm farther out now. Wow it looks super clear now.
So simple, so happy!:grinning:


We all have this blurry issue even your neurological eye-vision is normal/neutral.
If your solution is actually working and it’s legit, I might consider do the same…

As an idea it sounds great but the policy about doing it could break my Pimax to the very end :smiley:

But like people say; high risks, high value


I have chosen less risky option. Once I attached these glasses to my Pimax, it felt like Pimax was fixed:

I tried Planet-E lenses with my prescription too, but with these the result was amazing :slight_smile:


And it even has a blue light protection :smiley:

So it means with Pimax a double protection? Doesn’t disturb sleeping-routine in the night time use. As much I have been knowing, the blue light breaks the melatomine metabolism and that’s why you don’t want to sleep at nights! :smiley:

But seriously. @veemax got a good one, I didn’t know this. :point_up:


It is easy and solves underlying smeary focus problem. Not a bandaid.
No risk of "intrusion trigger just remove face foam, 1st and second
plastic covers and lens screws dont touch inside of lenses

  • have a can of canned air on hand to keep screen clean.
    Fearless gain more joy! Yah Pimax! Nuff said


Are able to provide photos of your mod please?




changed the foam
to 4-40 machine nuts, just laying there
I think they are a bit thick but were easier to
deal with. I tried a stack of 3 tiny
washers, and the image was a little sharper but
there was still a slight bit of variation in center focus.
Went with an even focus.


Used just one of the longer screws from the face plate with a
couple of small washers just to be sure it didnt reach too far
into the housing.


Heres the cover back on with a bit of foam on the inside gap
-Gives a slight bit more ipd, probably makes no difference but
it also stabilizes the eyepieces. One could screw down all
three pads of the eyepieces but I didnt have enough of the
longer screws.
Its easy to do. half and hour or so.
… wonder if somewhere along
the way the lenses got re engineered/recessed into the headset frame but the depth wasn’t readjusted. Who knows…


thanks for the mod info… much appreciated

Pimax 4K strange IPD center blur

I’ve done it, and it’s awsome. No more blurring, very sharp image.
Very easy to do, few risk to put mist insite headset, the only problem is that you’ll have to take some long screws of the face pad to fix the lens, once you’ll have use the bolt as spacers.
I try at first M3 bolts but M4 are better.
2 screws per lens are enough to hold them.
Even if face pad is less fixed (because of missing screws) it does not let light go inside mask.
So thanks for your tips, and the question now is why did Pimax not fix this problem ?


‘and the question now is why did Pimax not fix this problem ?’
— probably a very busy small team.
…or a lack of vitamin A.
…no wait thats North Korea