No one in Office?


I ordered more than 2 weeks ago and I haven’t gotten a tracking number are confirmation nothing, I ordered from I emailed customer service and haven’t heard from them either in almost a week. Did this company die? or they just out of the office?

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I imagine you should get a response soon as the Chinese New Year celebration is concluded.

I have added some pokes to your post to help the team find your topic.


According to this calendar: the holidays already ended a week ago.


Same thing happened to me. Their service is very poor for this reason I will not be buying the 8k when it comes out. I waited 2 weeks after I placed my order for the 4k. I then e-mailed them twice finally they updated my order with a tracking number but they never even responded to my e-mails.


Depending on order date you might have did so during the chinese holiday.

It will improve & they have a few sales chain the main website store is new.


@Piercejpierce@turtle_bird Really sorry for the shipment that makes you unpleasant. Since the logistics agents are on holiday because of Chinese Spring Festival vacation and the accumulation of goods, the delivery speed is affected.
Please be patient and hope for your understanding.:slight_smile:


Just out of interest, how long do you guys shut down Pimax during the holidays ? It seems almost multiple weeks, last year I got the same impression too, is that correct ? Just wondering because it seems there’s still so much work to do for the 8k.


Honestly at this point I don’t think I even want them anymore so far it’s been a month and then I’ll have to wait another month to get them , I so over this, it’s to much for something I might use 1 time a week unlike I watch VR porn


Well considering the application of your preference; i would think in spite of the wait; you’d want the clarity opposed to it looking like its been censored. Lmao


That’s why I order but I won’t sit around waiting forever for it. Normal company’s only allow one day off for holidays not entire months, very bad business practices


Depending on the country yes most only get 1 day off as a holiday (ie In Canada & US 1 stat holiday save Xmas you get 2 b2b).

Different Cultures different work rules; different customs.

Believe me I can appreciate lengthy waits. My first online purchase from DealsXtreme didn’t arrive for 8 to 10 weeks. :dizzy_face: