No one talkes about COMFORT



Well as the title says… No one talks about comfort.
In my opinion, the PIMAX 5k and 8K have one of the worst fitting headsets on the market. Well yes, it is light but the fitting around the face is mediocre. I hope that PIMAX can work a bit around this for future products or creating an optional face cushioning.
I personally have a rather narrow face so my PIMAX only touches the forehead and my cheeks - creating pressure zones that hurt in the long run. I get a cover on the side but the headset barely touches the side. Also, the padding is way to hard and narrow. I will have to mod my cushion soon


Its been a while but yes this has been discussed extensively on the forums. The “work around” is to install the Vive DAS. Search Vive DAS here and you can find out all kinds of info. Pimax is supposed to release a better headstrap but that might not be in the near future


Ive got hundreds of hours in the pimax and thousands in the vive without the DAS, the issue isnt the headstrap itself but the lack of balance, something pretty much all the current HMDs suffer from to some extent.
(The except maybe the PSVR, havnt tried it but it apparently has a built in counterweight or a vive/rift with a wireless transmitter/battery on the back of the head)

Put a counterweight on the back of the strap and the HMD wont slide down or put a lot of weight on your face.

Personally i just put my hair in a knot at the back of my head and hook the hole in the headstrap over it which does basically the same thing.

As for your face being narrow, check out what some people have done with double sided velcro, seems
like the easy way to go, luckily i havnt needed to, the HMD fits me perfectly.


Yep. A counter-weight is really needed.


I modded my Vive when it was new - and it is super comfortable. The same will happen with the pimax


I’ve heard comfort on the Pimax relies a lot on head shape. I’m sure this could be solved by releasing a variety of padding, but I haven’t heard of anything like this in the works. Hopefully it’s something they chose to refine in future products, because comfort is a huge factor in product adoption.