No order in account, but placed an order?


Hello, I have been email and sending text via the website about my order. I ordered a 5k+BE order number P123112
when I log into my account I see no order connected to the account, but I was most definatly billed. This order was placed on 1/12/19 I have a confirmation text and also a email stating the order is placed.

I don’t understand the thought process behind the online customer support, I dropped over $1000 us dollars and expect some sort of updates and support via someone live or at least respond to my emails. Please explain to me were I can view the order status and when this order will be mailed.

Thank you in advance!


Pimax is put of the office til the 11th (Chinese New Year).

@Dallas.Hao once back wilp be able to assist you. Have upgraded your account. Click on his name to semd pm with details.


Still waiting for an answer here! I did measage this contact and sent oit multible emails.