No refund waiting for response


#1 hello Dallas sent me this tracking information over 2 weeks ago since I already had this information it was no surprise so you can see the headset has been back since April 1 I have not received any message about my refund in over 2 weeks I sent moxi messages a week ago no response getting frustrated that they will not send me my refund no communication I just want my refund all I can say is WOW.

@Dallas.Hao @mozi @Sean.Huang @xunshu


what’s the situation now,
have you got the headset?
have they agreed your refund?


The situation is still the same why would you ask me if I have the headset when the tracking clearly shows above that you guys have it lol dallas has not message me in over 2 weeks and moxi has not messaged me in over a week which I stated in the message above does anybody read any of the messages I just want my refund how hard is that it has been 4 weeks since you guys received the headset I have been sending message after message about my refund supen-4127


I also want to return my 5K+ for refund…
now that I have read this I dunno if returning is good option…
but perhaps selling it online maybe faster…


The headset was not a return since it did not make it to my house it was a refused shipment that pimax employees told me to do.