No tracking number, no order number


I ordered pimax 5k+ without registering an account in pimax. I have only confirmation about payment from paypal. Where can I see my order number and other details about my order? I need to know that my order is submitted and my headset is traveling… Please!!!



Pimax is down for New years until the 11th.


Exact same question, and they won’t respond to the tickets submitted. It feels like being scammed


Don’t worry. They will contact you and send you link from which you’ll be able to see all info needed. It’s a fact that they won’t reply instantly but they will eventually and your problems will be solved.


Did you get an answer about status? I have had an ‘answer’ a week ago, but it didn’t tell me anything :slightly_smiling_face:


From what I know every 5k unit is shipped out from the factory. So if you ordered 5k you should wait for dpd or some other delivery company to send you tracking number. I suppose it depends on where you are. I’m in EU and my set is already here.


Yes sure. Fortunately I’m good at waiting :stuck_out_tongue: I hope you are enjoying your new set!

I thought I would ask a few questions to @PimaxUSA here, in case he can give a general update to those of us who are still waiting.