No tracking numbers?



EDIT 2: It just arrived via UPS and I never had a pending delivery on their website. facepalm

Has Pimax completely abandoned sending out tracking info? According to the spreadsheet, mine has shipped (US 55xx), but I have no tracking number and others are having to sign up at various shipping services to find out whether or not their device is on the way.

It would be nice to get an email “Your device has shipped. Here is your tracking number.” Some people might need to know in advance to make arrangements for their delivery.

EDIT: I have checked online with UPS and USPS and nothing is showing. I tried FedEx, but I can’t seem to find anywhere that tells upcoming deliveries. My status went from Sent to Overseas Warehouse to Shipped, so my assumption is that it arrived locally and has been picked up by a US delivery service.


They are handing out tracking numbers. I received mine today, but I actually received my headset the 25th of Jan.


Lol. Of course that’s the order of things.


I’m in a similar boat @flangebot, it’d be nice to know if it will arrive while my work is closed or not. And if it does, where it goes after that. #47xx.


What country please :slight_smile:


Peru. It shipped directly form the Hong Kong warehouse. Tracking says it left the 23rd.


Keep checking UPS. I am in Milwaukee, WI (#42xx) and my shipment popped up on UPS My Choice but have not received tracking from Pimax. Was scheduled for today but now severe weather delayed :frowning:


It just arrived via UPS and I never had a pending delivery on their website. facepalm


Mine was delivered on the 29th, still no tracking number lol.


Unacceptable to have a $600 item shipped with no tracking or arrive date.

Because of this, everyday I have to go to receiving area at my work to see if it came and got set to the side. A simple tracking number could avoid this.


Same boat here. Waiting and hoping nothing happens after “receipt”.


How’d you get the tracking number? By email from pimax?


Yes, I got it by email.


I’m thinking of sending my pimax back until I get a tracking number from them.


I’ll hold on to it for you if you want…


My package arrived today, no tracking number. US-east coast. I’m in Afghanistan right now so I was depending on the tracking number so I could coordinate with someone to bring it inside for me. Didn’t even know it was sitting on my porch, who knows how long, before my friend came over to get my mail. Kinda disappointed to be honest. How much did we pay for shipping and we cant even track the damn thing?