Nolo VR + Pimax 4K. BeatSaber



Hello, i have the inconvenience with nolo vr.


Where admin? I need the reply!


For easier support try adding

@Community & @Pimax-Support

I myself don’t have Nolo. Service where i am is hit & miss but if i get a moment will try to look into this. Have you checked with Nolo support?

Can you also post your system specs as well please.

EDiT Reviewed youe link. @PM_Sean do you know when an update will be available from pimax for latest Nolo firmware support ?


System specs:
CPU: Intel Core i7-7700K
GPU: Asus ROG 1080Ti 11GB
RAM: 32 GB 3200 Mhz


I have already talked with the support of nolo vr. Said that they themselves are unsure when it will be available. And for details discussion in nolo forum


Yeah read that & bumped it to pimax team. Hopefully they respond soon.


Please contact our support team via servicedesk, That’s the fast way to solve the problem

The servicedesk link :


I shall keep an eye on this since my 4k will go to my last kid with Nolo for Christmas


thanks, I’ll write to them

#10 opened problem


and how much I have to wait for compatibility


I have been waiting for a week and no answers …


We are dealing with your issue, and will work with NOLO to get a solution for you soon.

But if new version released , we need more time to test, please be patient.


Ok… in the future, I think it’s better to take other controllers.
for such a price it would be better to buy ps move and even cheaper


I’m wondering if there is sdk can I create test drivers for myself? Given that I am familiar with programming languages


Where everything is. I would like to join you for help and find out what the problems are. I have already discussed with Nolo, they will not be able to help, because the Pimax comes with closed source drivers, without an API

@Matthew.Xu @Sean.Huang @Doman.Chen


Another thing is if you are a competitor of Vive and you want to be the coolest of all, why don’t you gather volunteer developers who will support you for a separate platform? For example, I myself want to figure it out, because to wait a month to fix it is too. Now the problem is that they criticize you for Nolo, but I already said that Nolo has nothing to do with it, do they do their task? They have done their task, why only you cannot create such a driver so that it is modular at all? Isn’t it easier for OOP technologies?


I have added pimax team members to your post. Hopefully they can resolve this. If you are a Developer @Matthew.Xu & team will be interested in this as well.

As for Nolo’s criticism might be valid but coming from a company that at release shutdown their forums & completely ignored their customers for over a month on delivery problems & tech support. Kind of speaks for itself. :beers::wink::+1::sparkles:


Well, about the support of Nolo, I have no complaints. If I planned a day downgrade, then they did it. I don’t know for sure about the delivery; I bought it immediately on the store shelf. I apologize if the messages above were rude


Nah I don’t think you were being rude. I was fortunate to miss out on the pre-order. I know a few members here were not so lucky & the early days Nolo had considerable problems.

I’m glad Nolo got them sorted out. What I am curious of is it sounds like Nolo changed their structure considerably since last update. Which is likely causing 3rdparty integration issues.

Much like Windows 10 Compatibility Wizard doesn’t work for everything. :laughing:

I myself am a firm believer in the power if opensource but do understand the need to protect IT in proprietary code. :beers::sunglasses::+1::sparkles: