Nolo VR + Pimax 4K. BeatSaber



I just remember when I translated my language into Chinese on Google translator, it turned out that I said something rude, although there was nothing like that in the translator.:rofl::rofl:

I also agree that the proprietary code is also useful. True Nolo SDK has something in between. It seems that you can use DLL for driver programming, on the other hand, you do not know what is actually going on inside, all of a sudden it mines cryptocurrency


Indeed translation programs can often butcher things.

One needs to be careful of predictive text as well. I have on a couple of occasions sent unintentionally rude text messages. :joy:


Another thing is that I even know English and can detect something, and try to replace it with something else.


Indeed English can often be very inefficient due to it’s conplexity can make translating to & from difficult.


I got such tests, if you quickly move the controllers, they are lost in space and you have to calibrate yourself again. If slowly, there are no offsets, but there are sharp movements when shooting a third-person BeatSaber


Sounds much like my Razer Hydra controllers. Lol


I think they did not give me the driver SDK. Just the Unity SDK is already annoying me.:sweat_smile:


Seriously? I thought Nolo had such problems.

#31 cool disorientation. It is not playable at all.


At least on the Steam razer drive it seems to.


Now nolo has a very interesting position, so that all companies that want to integrate with them, they have to use their SDK themselves. But apparently pimax still does not understand the essence of the matter and remains on the fact that they should use their SDK. Return of goods has expired, for 40 000 ₽ (on your $ 605). The advantage of Vive, I can only say that the quality of the pimax vr is much better and portable tracking system kit. But he received the most comfort in games where sharp movements are required. Therefore, with certainty I can say Nolo with Pimax are incompatible! And of course it’s better to buy PS Move, even if it’s twitching and less functional, but much better than Nolo and cheaper


Agreed. I know a few have been experimenting using a vive tracking puck for head tracking. & of course there is driver4vr


Only controllers are broken, otherwise everything is ok. Maybe it was necessary to take Pimax controllers, or they are incompatible with Pimax 4k?


Pimax 4k don’t have there own controllers.


I heard the news that the Pimax 8K is compatible with nolo?


I don’t know but it could be possible if 5k\8k uses similar coding as 4k.


I will wait for correction on both sides, since they said that they are compatible, let them prove that they are compatible.


I never expected such silence from pimax. Is that Pimax 4k threads teeming with people who want to fix up to the best

@Sean.Huang @Doman.Chen @Dallas.Hao @xunshu

#42 Is solution for pimax!!! let them just remove the driver from piplay



I tried this method and you know, it even makes them work normally! Of course, I could recommend it to everyone, but how to say … I noticed some lags when playing even with a 1080Ti video card, as well as the vibration of the controllers with each hit of the block. But thanks anyway, very good solution. Calibration took me less than a minute, because the controllers were right next to me