Nolo VR + Pimax 4K. BeatSaber



Yeah hard to fully advise as Don’t have Nolo. Do have Razer Hydra & the steamvr driver seems unstable with shifting home position of controllers.


My tests


Yes, this is what I often see. As always, the office of Nolo deceived me that they would work on Sunday. The fact is that I woke up at 5 am Moscow time to get the firmware back. I woke up early because time differs as much as 5 hours. And in the end it turned out that I never waited for them.

In general, when applying a new method, the use of a new firmware was a failure. You do not have time to play for 1 minute and your pimax starts to get buggy then it changes by 180 degrees then the drift of controllers does even more. This is of course the fun one more … It would be better if I bought this HTC Vive and did not suffer. It is called bought for a birthday, pimax is good, but the drivers sucks of course, no offense. Indeed it would be much better if the drivers Pimax and Nolo were lying separately


Driver4vr is said to work pretty good using things like psmove.

@crony might have some insights using p4k with nolovr perhaps using osvr(might work better with nolo perhaps)


Now on the site pitool and piplay can not be downloaded, do they start to change something?


They had some kind of issue on the mainsite & took the links down.

Pitool is available in the banner. Piplay should have a link in the forums.


Have news of pimax 4k?

@xunshu @Sean.Huang @Dallas.Hao


@Doman.Chen we require the removal of Nolo drivers from PiPlay as a beta version, leaving only the headset marker without which it will not work exactly the helmet itself in space, and all you have to do is read the buttons on the controller and that’s it. It will be good if you make this beta version, or at least PiTool in case of emergency. Reason for deletion - excessive load on SteamVR drivers


I have good news, tracking controllers really improves the gaming experience, to improve, you need to delete the nolo controllers in Pitool as a beta version and this should improve their performance, while leaving the head marker


Awesome good to hear.


Independently fixed the problem with vibration in BeatSaber decided. This is nothing but a better way to do, the tracking accuracy is excellent, the angle of rotation of the controllers no longer worries


did the developers go on vacation? They just have no answer any day


Will also add @Dallas.Hao @Sean.Huang

They have been pretty overloaded trying to get delivery details sorted. Hopefully one of them will be freed up soon.

Thanks for your hard work & support.


Post for all users pimax 4k + nolo Here, all my tests are new and old nolo firmware along with Pimax, as well as a performance test I will soon do


for audio i have lags in record video


If your using something like vlc you can sync up audio video.


This is not the case, but the fact that after recording a certain noise remains after 10-15 minutes and then after 5-10 minutes it dies away and so cyclically


I think it’s better for people to use at least some kind of fix for playability with the new nolo firmware and pimax features


As soon as possible, they would be freed from all affairs and would be engaged in software and something else that fixes problems programmatically. Well, if the problems of hardware problems, of course, I agree that they are solved first

#63 I see everything is bad there … Russian bloggers have now started discussing you as the only living person in support of the Pimax. The blogger also wants to give advice that if there is a delay, then let it be said as it is.