Nolo VR + Pimax 4K. BeatSaber



One of the core things I see & folks shouldn’t see it as an excuse but simply the reality.

What we have here is a small talented team in the area of technology. They have spent there time & talents on building the headset. With there known Overzealous nature of best case ideology. They didn’t consider having the trouble with supply componets(Display Issues, Housing & cables). So that while they focused of the headset design; the backend; support is under developed & under staffed.

Under Staffed being the core issue. So they are trying to play catchup with a huge undertaking before them. They are taking care of support issues but not as fast as anyone would prefer on both ends (pimax & end user). Because of how big the task has become users are feeling like they are being left behind & becoming frustrated as a result.

They are trying to get things sorted & unfortunately do need us to try to be patient as difficult as that maybe.

Perhaps we can brainstorm to see if we can help organize things on our end? Maybe 1 topic for users to post Cable issues to staff. 1 topic for dead/stuck pixel to staff. Then our own troubleshooting general topic(s) to try & debug issues ie the spakling pixels etc…

Even I find it chaotic at times navigating the forums.


Hi Dan could you update my title please. I’ve received my 5k+…backer in the 6000’s👍


Thanks for that…love the headset only trouble i’s the cable …I’m getting the dreaded sparkly pixels. Tried to go to support but I couldnt sign in so don’t actually know what to do now


Yeah that seems to be a growing issue.


It’s a shame…such a small thing like that causes so much trouble. Hopefully as their staff numbers grow all these things will be a thing of the past


The drivers eventually went bad because of the “SteamVR” and “OpenVR Input Emulator” breakdowns. Well, of course, I was playing, I think at the end to add that the new firmware is installed at your own risk, as it will work in general in Pimax. the problem is that “SteamVR” goes into safe mode and from this dual drivers can not run


Yeah Valve has been doing a wonderful job breaking 3rdparty devs hard work it seems.


Site improvements :grinning:


By the way, I made tests of new firmware on different versions of PiTool on Pimax 4k. If you press the system button twice and direct it to where you need it, then it is correctly determined. I just do not understand that in this difficult to take and remake the driver? Still works fine, but they were too lazy to make the driver so that they at least knew how to turn, but it works in general as 3dof


NoloVR should have kept it simple instead of expecting folks to rebuild their driver imho. Just Nolo being lazy encoders.


Have news, issues or updates?


I have great news from this point in time. Today a new firmware came out and it broke my base station! I’m shocked :rofl:


Nolo firmware I take?

@Sean.Huang or @Doman.Chen might have news on p4k software.


No, it for nolo

#78 and new problems it full uncompitable


One of the ressons added the pokes as the team needs to look into this & see about a fix. It’s too bad though that Nolo didn’t make it simpler to maintain compatability.


I generally expected that the new firmware will be compatible with the old PiPlay


now I have neither here nor here. I ask to install firmware 2.2 and I have 2.0 installed the oldest one in which it is impossible even to play. Nolo support :-1:


finally they did what I asked to transfer the controllers to the correct versions. feeling that we are used as testers.


Yeah often seems that way with software & hardware making. Save keyboatds & mice. :rage: