Nolo VR + Pimax 4K. BeatSaber



do people have problems with pimax 4k and gpu rtx 2080, is there a Pitool compatible with this? It has Piplay 3.0.85 installed


are you here? there is also good news that pitool will be released with NoloVR compatibility

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Thr gpu issue your seeing is due to piplay beimg out long before rtx series; so it doesn’t know that’s better than a 10 series.


If that is a question it’s a good one.


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Interesting… Does this mean Nolo had no driver than?


Apparently because of this, they do not want to make compatibility for anyone. copyright can be accidentally violated


And good news it pitool testing nolo Pimax 4K HELP please


Awesome as Mr. Burns says "Excellent":smiling_imp:


Here is the link of the continuing conversation. Looks like Ivry is not going to give them any quarter as he can & likely will say any of there releases are derived from his initial works.