Nolo VR related feature request (neck-eye-alignment offset)


Hi @Pimax-Support,

I received today Nolo VR and my first test revealed a problem with latest Pimax driver. Now that the driver is optimized for static position by compensating the eye-neck distance (head size), it causes image distorsion when Nolo headtracking is added to the mix. Basically it seems that the view-direction-offset should be disabled when there is another headtracking system in use - in this case Nolo VR.

Reproducing the issue is easy with Elite Dangerous: look down at the commander body and turn head. Now the “eyes” go way beyond shoulder - like the head was moving sideways.

Without this fix I do not believe that i’ll be ready to experiment Nolo VR more.

Sorry, if this problem has been reported already.



Yes, it is not well positioned in the 4k and with the 8k you would have to place the headtracker in the headband.

The default offset was actually corrected, you can check once running, and leave the headtracker on the desktop (connected) when you return to put the headset you will see that it works different than default (without nolo).

I recommend using the last piplay and placing the headtracker between the light and the hitch of the head strap, helps a little.

I had already reported it here:

I hope that soon they solve it, it would help a lot