NoloVR CV1 Arrived in Russia - All issues fixed?


Dear Community,
I am an owner of Pimax 4K and considering to get NoloVR CV1. I would like to know:

  1. How mobile the package of Nolo? I am traveling each few months and taking Pimax with me. Would Nolo add lots of struggle/space physically?
  2. I know some members here reported issues with Nolo/Pimax Drivers combination, were those issues solved by now?

My only PC is a ROG Laptop 15" / 24GB RAM / Geforce 1060 / i7 6700HQ

Note: NoloVR CV1 costs in Russia 280 USD. Pretty expensive hence, I hope to see a good news and if there are any issues still there, I would like to see a solid feedback from Pimax / Nolo Engineers.

Would appreciate your feedback,

Thank you,


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These members can likely answer your questions on Nolo.

@cmm @jonnypanic (not sure if jonny has one; but might be able to make other suggestions)


Nice to meet you, Thank you so much!


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I don’t have any experience with Nolo but I haven’t heard good things. Personally, I would stay away. For 280 dollars you may be able to find a WMR headset with controllers, or get one shipped for a little more.

You could also wait for the 4K controllers. Which surely must be cheaper and better than Nolo, hopefully anyway.

There are cheap alternatives like psmove, leap motion with driver4vr, but can only recommend that if you can’t afford anything better, don’t mind tinkering, and just want to try it out in the short term.

So yeah, wait for the 4K system or get a WMR, is my recommendation. I couldn’t wait, ordered one yesterday. Will post something when it arrives and I’ve tried it out.


Pimax confirmed that they got own 4K set now, I will prefer that one :slight_smile:

Thanks for the feedback above, appreciate it!


The possibly upcoming set for the 4K is the Neon
I got the Nolo as a backer for $100, it’s worth that but not more imho. But at Nolo they are stepping up their game to bring beter firmware and software for the controllers.
I would still wait for the Neon, hold out for reviews and price.