NoloVR mount for Pimax HMD required


Dear VR enthusiasts,

I am a backer of the Pimax 8K full package (switched to 5K+). I bought the whole set because I have no Vive. Looks like the controllers and base stations won’t be ready soon, so I need an alternative until they arrive.

For this case I would like to use my NoloVR, for which I backed in their kickstarter campaign. The problem is that I don’t want to glue the NoloVR mount to my Pimax headset because it could cover up some sensors which wouldn’t be functional anymore. I neither want to destroy my headset by ripping off this mount afterwards.

The best alternative would be a mount exactly made for the Pimax which gets attached by some sort of latch. I don’t know how it could attach to the Pimax, because I don’t have mine in hand yet and it’s nearly impossible to model something like this without being able to measure the sizes. Besides I have nearly no experience in 3d modeling. Maybe the gap for the deluxe headstrap could be used in some way.

Could someone of the happy Pimax owners create a mount for the Pimax with a base like this ?

I don’t have to say, that a file for 3d printers is required here. :wink:

Thanks for your help.


You could use a temporary adhesive strip, like these:

Command 3M 12ct Pack Picture & Frame Hanging Strips - these seem to have Velcro and will be thicker

Command by 3M Utility Hooks, Holds 5 lbs - you could just use the strip, not the hook


Nolo is crap chuck it in the bin, about as good as square boxes painted black and put in the corner of your ceiling


Sure, Nolo has it ‘s issues but lots of them have been fixed in the latest firmware update (no more judder and gyro tracks now). One of the existing problems is the wireless mode which creates some latency. That won‘ t be an issue with the Pimax, because it has an USB port to which you can connect the Nolo tracker. The second problem is the single base station, which doesn’t allow full roomscale. But in my opinion the tracking is at least on par with the PSVR and a front facing experience is still better than not having controllers and being able to lean in any direction at all. The remaining issue is the roomscale, which has to be set up over and over again. That is actually a bit annyoing, but I could live with that until my Pimax controllers and base stations arrive. Paid 100$ for the Nolo (base, tracker, controllers), so I wasn’t expecting a perfect Vive like solution. For me it was a decent option for a DIY entry level VR anyway. I would have wasted my money for a Vive instead since than, but the Nolo made the wait for the second generation of VR headsets bearable.


Can you tell me which firmware version you installed? I’ve read on Nolo forums that latest firmware causes issues with Pimax headsets.


It’s on firmware version 2.0, but I can’t guarantee you that this iteration works with the Pimax because I didn’t recieve mine yet (backer 36XX). There are some youtube videos of people using the Nolo combined with the Pimax headset so I hope the best. They velcroed it to the side, because the top is shaped like a triangle. I could imagine that this angled sideward position might introduce some tracking issues because the sensor is not centered properly. That’s why I started this thread. I already thought about velcroing the Nolo to the Pimax, but based on the pictures I have seen this won’t be possible at the center of the HMD. A 3D printed mount that is perfectly aligned to the shape of the Pimax would help a lot. Maybe the screw threads for the hand motion modules could be used for this project. A curved stand that leads to the upper side of the headset should do the job and be easy to design.