Nomination: the apps Pimax should enable direct support with 8K


Name your favorite apps here
e.g. VorpX

Native OpenVR support?
Pimax, Please Give Ralf at a dev kit

Built in?

  1. Bigscreen or Virtual desktop

  2. Revive

  3. VORPX


I think he’s talking about apps not games.

My Vote…
Advanced Settings


Not sure but might be an idea to look at Bino3d vr source code. I beleive it has an opensource license.

Advance settings would be awesome to include video & device options.

When time allows a vr launcher ui with motion controllers & joystick support.

  1. VORPX
  2. Opentrack.
  3. Tridef 3D.
  4. Piplay Video Mode: Mouse emulation.


Something really ambitious would be integrating hacks like Kinect motiin tracking and PSmove controllers into piplay advanced options in a streamlined way.

I wish there was a way to use Oculus constellation and move controllers.


Support for valve/vive tracker base (pi tracker :smirk:) with option to use with 4k/BE head pos tracking.


I think you mean 1. Bigscreen AND Virtual desktop

2 Openvr native support
3. VorpX,
4. Flyinside
5. Advanced settings (not sure what this is but it sounds like something useful)
6. VLC
7. V Overlay


My favorite would be:
Open-source Pimax drivers!

Look at ReVive to see what open-source can do. This will allow to support many new plaforms, maybe “free” standalone headset, improved compatibility and performance :slight_smile:


Bigscreen, Virtual Desktop.


This would be great! (open source)


For me :

  • revive
  • a native desktop app ( like oculus will add)

And open source can be great.


support Source VR team and Half-Life 2 VR please!

  • Vorpx
  • Tridef 3D/VR
  • Second Life/ Project Sansar(!)
  • Google Earth with streetview


VLC !!!

And native 3D Blu-ray player!


Dolphin Vr
It’s the single coolest app I’ve used in vr with games such as Zelda: Windwaker in Perfect vr and Zelda: majoras mask, Metroid prime etc.

A lot of Nintendo games just works in VR

Would be a dream come true to use this in Pimax 8k😊


Wouldn’t Big screen, Virtual Desktop and Google Earth work out of the box because of steam vr? I am under the impression that any steam vr game would work, being steam vr compatible… Can someone please explain?


Possibly not at full native resolution. (although I’m guessing)


Virtual Desktop
Advanced Desktop

All the rest will be compatible with SteamVR



(Will edit later)