Nomination: the apps Pimax should enable direct support with 8K


Something like OVRDrop or Oculus’ Dash.

Basically an option for Overlay Windows.


Trifef 3d/Tridef VR
Virtual Desktop/Bigscreen
Dolphin VR
Kodi and Potplayer/Mpc-Hc/Vlc
native 3D Blu-ray player
Any/all app streaming console to pc.
Flawless Widescreen


Unnecessary as tracking functionality is in lighthouse and the controllers and I guess the leap inside out tracking…Headset has a mac, so the only thing left that Kinect has that isn’t covered is an external camera filming which could any webcam can do.


I agree, this question is slightly disturbing - I thought indeed that it had been stated by somebody (perhaps not from Pimax though) that since some update SteamVR supported native resolution output (which I assumed also would mean coverage of the appropriate FOV) which resolved the stretching issue where a 110 degree output would be stretched to the 200 degrees view of the Pimax HMD.

However, if that is not the case, and every single app requires some kind of manual work-over by the dev, then it would obviously change the value proposition of the Pimax at least for the near term. Admittedly I would be content if ED, PJC2, DCS, and a handful of other games and a good desktop visualizer like Bigscreen are available at the launch - but it would paint a less compelling picture for the overall deal one gets with the Pimax out of the gates. And let‘s be honest - not every dev will care about adapting his app for a couple of thousands of Pimax 8K‘s out there…

[EDIT: ok, seems to be a misunderstandng of the question on my side, this would only be about apps NOT utilizing SteamVR - which then is no bigger concern to me anymore]


What are you asking here? Is this for use just without the SteamVR framework, or does it involve any functionality difference? Does your API for instance allow rendering left and right eye scenes at different times for brain warp?

The main thing I would want is a fully open source OSVR or OpenHMD driver, such that the Pimax could be used on non-Windows platforms. I would even be willing to spend my own time to make it work, as I previously have with the Nolo.


@xunshu Could you please define what ‘direct support’ is and tell us how exactly it differs, and what it adds, over apps that are using SteamVR without your ‘direct support’ enabled?

Surely if SteamVR works perfectly with the Pimax 8K, then any kind of ‘direct support’ would be unnecessary?


Yeah, what are we talking about here? Your big selling point is SteamVR compatibility out of the box. So what is ‘direct support’ as opposed to that?


I would like to see direct support for Windows MR, and most of what is already mentioned.


Half life 2 VR / HL2VR


What is “direct support” ? @xunshu


My vote goes to



3)Windows Mixed Reality


I am expecting 100% compatibility with SteamVR and support for Revive.

I don’t use VORPX and I am not going to support it, for what I know it is not an Open Source/ Free software, so why we should support it?

  1. VorpX
  2. Windows Mixed Reality and Oculus platforms


Can you explain what is direct support and what are its benefits? I see a lot of people just listing apps here that are readily available on Steam and some free like BigScreen Beta. And your example of VorpX I payed one time price of 30 dollars and although I have used it in the past I have also had to delete it and reinstall it several times because something went wrong. Thank you xunshu really great to see Pimax is doing so well with the kickstarter campaign any answers you can give are always really appreciated.@xunshu


The point in my suggestion was to make tracking more robust. Many backers of the base 8k will mot have lighthouse base stations on day 1. The more robust Pimax is, the better.


Definitely Bigscreen and Virtual Desktop
Revive and VORPX


Exactly what I want, :+1:


Spending resources and time on something that will be corrected anyway when lighthouse base stations are available a couple of months later ? Not sure that is a good idea. Also not good financially for Pimax when they could just say ‘hey buy a lighthouse and our hand tracking module’

Also not helped that the Kinect SDK hasn’t been improved in 3 years.


None of the reviewers have mentioned anything about the tracking being sub par. In fact they all seem to think it is at least as good as the vive tracking.


I never said their tracking was sub par, anywhere.

I said, it would be cool if they integrated many diverse options. I also distinctly said “pipe dream.”