Nomination: the apps Pimax should enable direct support with 8K


diverse meaning inside out tracking? coming. 1 lighthouse 360 degree tracking? done. integration with Driver4VR that enables xbox kinekt whole body tracking and full xbox controller enabling? done. Hand tracking with the hand tracking module? done. I’m not sure what else you want. Star trek tele-porting would be cool though.:yum:


I meant better integration. If they could get that software and those hacks for kinect an SDK level integration, that would be cool


Have you used it? in my experience when I start steam vr it starts automatically and recognizes every peripheral available. The integrations seem perfect to me. I suppose SDK integration would be cool but I have no complaints as it is.


You can get pretty bad jitter with connect integration. Not everyone does, but SDK integration with Pimax teaching out to Devs wpuld help stability.


So this again. Games render with both native resolution & fov. Only the odd game might have restricted fov. Ie subnautica is reported to restrict the fov even on vive.

I can assure you its not special versions of
-The Lab
-Fruit Ninja
-Bigscreen beta

Or even Serious Sam (that wasn’t working).

Most of to just about all games can & do render the resolution & fov. (vr native prog)

So please research before posting. This was added to steam’s Openvr.api


Windows Mixed Reality


Vorpx, revive, bigscreen.


Yes, but what does native support mean then?

If you support steamVR you already have native support to everything mentioned here?



I agree they need to explain this to be clear on their definition.

My opinion? Native support would mean not having to load steamvr. So piplay/pihome direct launching without requiring to open Steamvr to open said ap.

Currently Kodi & the vr video player & piplay games seperate from steam or oculus would be natively supported.
-Chibi Attack
-Unity chan etc are natively supported.

So since revive is more steam bound probably no pointvin native support as it requires the steam layer & oculus titles can launch from piplay.


Anybody say BigScreen is best for watching movie don’t know what they’re talking about. I have tried them all and i think the best app for watching movie is Cmoar VR Cinema. BigScreen theater environment is not big enough to feel like you’re in a theater and their theater screen is way too small. BigScreen have many functions but Cmoar VR Cinema is the best one from the last time i used VR and that was awhile back…i don’t know if any of these apps have updates since and make themselves better…but Cmoar VR Cinema is the one app that I keep coming back when it comes to watching movies.

These are my votes:
Revive (for Oculus Theater)
Vorpx (whatever the hell that is…i never used it but it sounds cool to be able to play traditional games in VR).


I use bigscreen, a blu ray drive, and Leawo Blu Ray player (free) to watch disks without having to rip an reencide, so thats why I love bigscreen most.


My favorite apps
1 Vorpx
2 flyinside


V Overlay for sure


-Virtual Desktop
-A profile per game, selectable in Piplay, configuring brightness, SS-resolution, etc. per game


Reshape lols

What is opentrack?


Vorpx for sure! So important

Tridef 3d, not tridef vr though


Not sure how revive would work native as its a compatability layer to run Oculus in steam. Piplay also already has option in PiHome to launch Oculus titles.


Half Life 2 VR (HLVR)


Do you mean it works also with 3D blu-rays?
3D movies displayed in VR are cool, but to do so “natively” (without encoding) is a nightmare to have the right settings…