Nomination: the apps Pimax should enable direct support with 8K


Leawo Blu Ray player unfortunately only works with 2D blu rays, but if you have Power DVD you can watch 3D blu rays if you follow this guide


Should check & see if Bino player might work.


support for Whirligig if possible

  1. Fruit ninja
  2. Fruit ninja
  3. Fruit ninja


There is no need to ask for applications/games that works with SteamVR, they will for with the Pimax already.


As a counter argument in this case vorpx being built into pimax sdk for compatibility may mean better performance. Not sure. Then again if steamvr magically releases a asynchronous space warp equivalent then it may not always be the case. Although pimax did clarify early on that it had something of a asw equivalent that reprojected depth. Who knows for sure.


What does that even mean ? This whole thread does make zero sense to me, Pimax hasn’t even clarified what ‘direct support’ even means.


The way I understand it is that Pimax is proposing to spend some time optimising/porting some applications to work with the Pimax 8k. For example, ReVive that allows the HTC Vive to run Oculus games will need some tweaking to do the same thing with the Pimax. ReVive being open-source will greatly simplify that.

Regarding VorpX, Pimax team could work with the VorpX developers to get it working with the Pimax. I don’t see any reason to have it integrated info Pimax driver/SDK, especially since everybody who actually tried VorpX said it was not enjoyable…


Windows mixend reality support. Should be number 1 priority.

VorpX is not good at all in its current state. Extremely user unfriendly.

A build-in 3D blu-ray player would be great, with a Cmoar VR Cinema-like looks.
Or a Netflix supported theatre application would be great too.


Bigscreen and Virtual desktop

  1. Vorp X
  2. Virtual Desktop
  3. Advanced Settings

  1. MS VR Platform (Cliff House)


All I want is game
1 ) Revive
2) Robo Recall for free?
3) Fallout VR?

  1. Play Oculus Games - Revive
  2. Bigscreen / Virtual Desktop
  3. Windows Mixed Reality


I’m not sure I completely understand the question, I’m just gonna add that ReVive is a very important tool because a lot of us have bought Oculus games despite not owning a Rift. Making sure ReVive and the Pimax work together well should be a priority when we’re talking about software.

  1. Windows Mixed Reality
  2. Oculus Dash or Revive
  3. Big Screen or equivalent app
  4. Vorpx or equivalent



1.tridef vr / 3d
3. Windows Mixed Reality & Oculus platform


This is the way to success


Big Screen
Virtual Desktop


1- realidad virtual mixta
2- pantalla grande
3- SDK for Unity