Nomination: the apps Pimax should enable direct support with 8K

  1. Virtual Desktop (or some native way to view your desktop)
  2. VorpX (SLI support may be necessary to render that many pixels in stereo)
  3. 100% compatibility with the existing VR ecosystem (Oculus/Vive emulation, ala ReVive etc…)

*oh and make sure everything works in Unity (it should, assuming your SDK is based on OpenVR)


Linux support maybe able to do something like oculus did with using wine with runtime sdk to fill in blanks.


Just this would be great


1 Partner up with Star Citizen (If I had to choose a single game, also very successful on Kickstarter)
2 (Windows) Mixed Reality (or a cross platform open source alternative, don’t want to be locked to Win 10). Why? Being able to toggle in the keyboard, mouse or location of other peripherals (or even food) would be a plus.
3 OpenTrack (Great tool! Offers a lot of flexibility.)


Native Linux support (not wine or some other “layer”)
Fallout 4 VR


WINE is a workaround to make windows based apps work on Linux, it’s definitely not “Linux support”.


Wine isn’t ever going to be as good a solution as native support.


1 Windows Mixed Reality
2 Oculus Dash
3 VorpX


Did you guys not come here from the Kickstarter page???

“Gamers - We will send you three pieces of selected content for free, meanwhile, enable direct support to your favorite apps. Vote here:

This has to mean they’re asking us what games we want right???



Oculus uses a linux native binary then uses wine with the sdk runtime and works quite well.

Wine is an abstraction layer much like Os2 Warp had with the Windows extention when Bill at the time was apartbof the os2 team.

Wine in many cases is as good & better than windows. For example with Wine you have more programs & games that work opposed to Win10 which is not that backwards compatiable.

Yes its not always easy or perfect. But at times runs programs better than in Windows.

If you do use linux the old game Enclave has linux support from dev using a wine bottle.


Come on, make Red Dead Redemption 2 compatible! :grin:


congrats for 2,5M milestone… again, native blu ray/ blu ray 3D player would be cool


I agree wine sometimes works better than Windows for running (usually older) windows apps, but just working better than Windows has always been a very low bar. Its one reason why Linux is so popular, especially in the server world.
Its much better to code something natively for a whole bunch of reasons, some but not all are better performance, better compatibility and support for things like Vulkan.
Better yet, code it generically as possible (i.e avoid all single-platform-only stuff in the first place, like DirectX etc) so you’re not locked into any one platform.


Trust me on this one guys. If a brand new user of Pimax tries to use VorpX for the first time with little or no experience with VR and they are not familiar with adjusting settings in VorpX the user is very likely to blame Pimax software when things don’t work as expected, after having used the product on my Vive and Rift even in the best case scenarios it can be difficult to set up and work properly. I just would like to warn everyone ahead of time, don’t expect to play all of your 3D non VR games and than expect that the geometric landscape distortions and GUI’s to render correctly in the headset while using VorpX, I have used the product for playing games like Resident Evil 7 and it can be a good experience if you do some tweeking and popping screen user interfaces in and out while playing. I did manage to play through most all of the game, but I still feel as someone who has used the product a great deal I have an obligation to warn the unexperienced.


If they aren’t providing native support for the Mac, why on earth would they provide it for Linux ?


Your totally right!
Sure vorpx should work with Pimax, But thats up to vorpx to arrange. I would not give it out for free if I was Pimax.


Eagle Dynamics DCS (Digital Combat Simulator).


No way rocket league alone was worth the vorpx price. Although I’ve beaten doom, doom, all three outlast games, half way through alien isolation until the mod came out, half way through amnesia and some others.


Just get vorpx optimized on pimax. Also honestly tridef 3d would be great.


Indeed direct native supportbis better. Take a looknat Oculus headset in linux. Its just using elements of the driver runtime from windows as an easy work around to back fill what the linux driver needs. Now i sm not saying to make thisba priority during the kickstarter months. But may pose an easier way to get PiMax cross platformed sooner. I would imagine similarily could use wine as a temp solution for Mac as wine is also used there