Nomination: the apps Pimax should enable direct support with 8K

  1. Revive;
  2. vorpX;
  3. Skyrim VR and Fallout 4 VR

And of course Linux native support. :grin:


1 Revive
2 Trinus/rifcat for Pimax
3 Oculus direct compatibility for Pimax perhaps one day , we need an universal standard you know for VR to be worldly developped , opened platforms , not exclusives ones !

  1. Depth 3D or Tridef’s power 3d.
  2. Virtual desktop
  3. VorpX
  4. Revive


VorpX is far from perfect and useless in actual VR mode for any game. It’s great for 3D effect and virtual screen which is all I use it for. Even RE 7 doesn’t look anywhere near as good as PSVR.


Unity 3D
Virtual Desktop


My choise :

1 - Bigscreen
2 - Windows mix reality
3 - Revive


I really can’t wait for RE7 to release for other headsets and the one year PSVR exclusive is up I think in January if I’m not mistaken, because it was probably my favortite VR experience so far and that was using a wonky setup with VorpX in first person. I do like Vorpx although it still needs work and I think they are continuing its development and one day they might get it right. However with Pimax having to deal already with maximizing their software for the 200 Fov. IMho I just think its asking to much of them to add direct support for that program and as others have mentioned it really needs to be optimized by Vorpx themselves. If you want to play older games in VR. I suggest you try mods when available they usually work better for example; Doom3 bfg mod and the Alien isolation Mother mod, and many more. Just pointing out for those who may be new to VR. Probably most here are already experienced VR enthusiast so maybe I’m just preaching to the choir on this forum, thought I’d share anyway.


I agree on this. I actually love vorpx but i use it as a floating virtual screen with geometry 3d. It runs fast enough on most games to be a very immersive experience, although its technically a 3d viewer. Let’s not forget, although i see vr and 3d gaming as separate entities, they are both fun in their respective forms for different moods. I love me some 3d rocket league. And a good consolation prize is when big aaa games come out at least you can sometimes enjoy them in geometry 3d.


So then why is vorpx on your list then? Lol

  1. Vorp X
  2. Virtual Desktop
  3. native blu-ray/ blu-ray 3D player


I dont know how to answer that anymore than i just did. It has several different modes to play flat games with. The one I prefer is as a floating screen with 3d depth.


Idk why people keep requesting virtual desktop and big screen beta. Those are already supported by steamvr, which means they already work on pimax.

The reason we want pimax sdk level vorpx support is because we want that 180 fps support for flat games.

That means you can set your flat games options to run at 180 fps, and those frames will all draw to the hmd. All 180 frames dispersed between the two eyes.


Initially it was because the question was phrased in a manner that was a bit ambigious. However, with some thought, they are general purpose apps that you could use for other things apart from steam related stuff, since the Pimax software needs to be running anyway…


I currently own a GearVR and use MoonVR Player a lot. I would love to have a similar app that can flexibly playback videos in different formats (h.264, h.265), resolutions (4k and more) and orientations (top/bottom, left/right) in 2D and 3D 180° and 360°.


1 - Windows mix reality
2 - VorpX
3 - big screen and virtual desktop


The reason I choose full support (direct support) for VORPX is for its extended mode, It is easily compatible for SBS injection in Piplay Video Mode and you can fix whatever resolution and FOV you want, add that all your PC resources are directly applied only to the game !!!, but for the moment it does not have headtracking support. VORPX easily support steam so there is no comment about it.

  1. Revive
  2. Virtual Desktop
  3. VorpX


Apps not Games? OK:

  1. OVRdrop (let’s you overlay a browser window over any VR app e.g. watch sports while driving/flying)
  2. Vorpx
  3. Flyinside
  4. Cmoar (watch your movies in a cinema environment)


Pretty sure steamvr just released a fairly robust media player. I think requests should focus on things steam doesn’t directly support. Vorpx and tridef 3d would be good candidates.


We also want native pimax support so that the flat pc games outputting 180 fps will display all 180 frames to the pimax headset, which would be awesome. Rocket league would b amazing.