Nomination: the apps Pimax should enable direct support with 8K


Number 1 App with Pimax 8K Native Support should be - Revive
Number 2 App with Pimax 8k Native Support should be - VorpX


Not sure how it works for vr but the source is available & can add 3d to video. Check out Bino player


The benefit of native support is reduction of overhead. Now i believe there is a non steam virtual desktop.

Now what might be an interesting idea would be a 3d to vr program to take games with 3d support & simply have the headset seen as a 3d monitor.


Revive with native 200 FOV for oculus games !


I just said why, because the 3D and virtual screen options. Head tracking still works in virtual screen as well, I just pointed out that for actual VR mode, it’s quite worthless due to improper aspects ratio’s, improper FOV and mixes thereof. Some are clearly worse than others and forcing FOV still doesn’t work right or makes it worse. But again, those options in a virtual screen along with 3D makes it useful to have functioning in Pimax.


Maybe if its possible to make it easy to use. I’d rather see a 3d to VR or a custom injector. Perhaps even one based on one of the android injectors but made for pc.


I know it’s not an app per se, but Elite Dangerous native/direct support would be great (i.e. no steamVR needed)

  1. Microsoft Windows Mixed Reality
  2. Native 3D Blu-ray player
  3. Bigscreen / Virtual Desktop / Equivalent
  4. VORPX
  5. Revive
  6. Advanced Settings
  7. Tridef 3D


My vote for the built in apps are

  1. TurnSignal

  2. Virtual Desktop

  3. Advanced Settings


Unity 3D

At least 20 characters.

  1. Virtual Desktop
  2. ReVive
  3. VorpX

  1. Revive Mixed Reality
    3.Skyrim VR

  1. Revive Mixed Reality
    3.Skyrim VR

I absolutely agree with Sashmigo.


Cinema Movieplayer with BD 3D support
nativ Neflix support
nativ Amazone Prime support

  1. Virtual Desktop or other desktop video media player such as MPC-HC
  2. Vorpx
  3. Revive

  1. Revive
  2. DolphinVR
  3. Foveated rendering (eye tracking) working in every SteamVR game


From what i anderstood from the PIMAX’s nomination call, i would say

  1. AEROFLY FS2 FLIGHT SIMULATOR could be killer app with native “leap motion” support and native eye tracked foveated rendring to benefit the best graphic quality possible on our current GPU(s).You guys should check with devs for this!

  2. BIGSCREEN with blu-ray / blu-ray 3D player bluid-in that allow physical blu-ray disc being read from drive, please !

  3. any upcoming AAA title with native eye tracked foveated rendring to benefit the best graphic quality possible on our current GPU(s) could be killer app. FALLOUT VR ? SKYRIM VR ? L.A NOIRE THE VR CASE FILES ? ARK PARK VR ? STAR CITIZEN ?..


OMG ! Star Citizen ! You’re so right it would be THE killer app with native eye-tracking foveated multi-res rendering to sustain those legendary graphics across the PIMAX’s 200° FOV with our current GPU(s) !!!


I’m going to throw out a pie in the sky curveball and say

google sketch up

Collaborate to have these work in true 3d in vr with floating versions of existing menus and i would be in hog heaven with a lot of other creatives.

  1. Virtual Desktop
  2. Half Life 2 VR :
  3. L.A Noire VR

and as bonus
4. Upcoming 3 Valve game