Nomination: the apps Pimax should enable direct support with 8K


Since Pimax hasn’t explained what they mean yet, I have a slightly odd suggestion.

A widget/hud system could be useful. Something where, regardless of what app or game you’re running, you could pull up an overlay with some preset information or screens. So, you could be watching a movie and get a message on Discord and rather than having to switch to the discord app (or switch to a desktop app and then open the discord app) you could just pull up you hud and have a screen with the discord app readily available. Or, you could be playing a game and have a browser open in your hud with various forums and builds ready and waiting.

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Agreed. Maybe a button on one side of the hmd. & if folks ordered controllers a dedicated special button could be on them.


I am curious as to when the three pieces of selected content will be revealed. Do we have an ETA? I assume it was going to be an open poll (sort of like how people are posting there preference in this thread), but I was wondering if its already been decided or not.

Ill throw my nomination behind:

OpenVR, Virtual desktop, Diablo 3 VR (only in my dreams…)


Would not all of these requests for OpenVR be better served by using OpenXR instead? I’m not a programmer but i see that all of the “Big Boys” Valve, Unity, Oculus, and many others including Microsoft will be supporting it. Not much is said about OpenVR now.


Diablo 3 plays very well in vorpx in true geometric 3d. Your dreams just came true.


Holy… I would like to change my 3 choices too: Vorpx, followed by Vorpx and lastly, VORPX.

Status: Dream unlocked!


Check out @WalterDasTrevas reshade suggestion. With it being opensource it might be possible to make pimax mode compatiable. Vr injector


Lol just imagine it being natively enabled by brain warp, which would mean you could set your in game diablo settings to 180 fps and brainwarp would send 90 frames per eye totaling 180. More people need to be vocal about what they really need out of native support of Vorpx. Because, well, this would be MY dream come true. Among a few being tossed around the forums heh.



I hope that Pimax removes already supported applications/apis from the poll e.g. OpenVR & SteamVR compatible applications like Virtual Desktop.


I mostly agree with that, however any applications for interfacing with flat games:
We want them to utilize brainwarp so we can run those flat games “in game” settings at 180 fps, and experience the game in the headset as such. It would be a grandslam. So big screen beta, most definitely Vorpx, and tridef (which offers some great selection of games that can output side by side 3d to be enjoyed in bigscreen beta).

  1. Fallout 4 VR
  2. Vorpx
  3. VLC Player

I guess the only reason that I am buying a HMD is Fallout 4 VR, but I expect other games must be great in VR aswell. I Have seen many posts about ED, might be interesting to try it after Fallout 4 VR :blush:


1). Videoplayers. I use Simple VR Video Player on P4K. It not updated for a year actually but I still like it, fully satisfied with it, unique option “Super Enhance” boost image quality very significant. So I want this player have support. But of course need support of another good players, don’t know which, maybe DeoVR.
2). Bigscreen/VirtualDesktop apps. I heard at this time VR Toolbox becoming the best app of this type, so it need to have support.


I still don’t know what the question is, sorry?


1 - Fallout 4 VR
2 - VorpX
3 - ED


People do that in elite dangerous with an application SteamVR called OVRdrop.


Pcars 2
Virtual desktop /big screen


Ooh. That looks awesome. The steam page mentioned that it allows for mouse control in its various windows. Is there a way to get keyboard support as well?


@VRGIMP27 not to remove any dream of your’s but :wink:

1- the kinect SDK is not very supported those days by microsoft
File Name: KinectSDK-v2.0_1409-Setup.exe
Date Published: 10/21/2014
2- the hardware is not really available anymore
3- The Xbox V2 version is not compatible on a standard PC ( Custom USB3.0 plug)
4- Take processing power from the PC
5- May not be permitted by the license agreement from MS
6- Give sub standard tracking performance vs Base station ( including Lag )
7- And most of all the laser from the base stations will probably affect the field of depth IR sensor so only useful for those not having the base stations

The cheap solution is to use only on base station for narrow positioning gaming (aka not full room) like cars and planes simulators.



Hum… combining two subjects : if it was possible by only updating the firmware to have access to a 3D virtual monitor visible in Windows. In another thread someone ask if Pimax could make a special mode with increase resolution but reduce bandwidth ex: 50/60Hz . Something like the PSVR theater mode…

In this mode only a fraction of the LCD pixel are used. we maybe even could go native resolution without the upscale? Just a thought …

In short Direct Support for a Cinema Mode
( and please not for January 2017 :wink: )


A cinema/productivity mode would be a great addition. Drop the frame rate from 90 to 60 and increase the resolution to keep at the maximum bandwidth. It would be super useful for watching films which only play at 30 frames a second anyway and your head stays really still, and for doing productivity like typing where the increased resolution would be so much more useful than the high frame rate. Ideally some kind of dynamic scaling resolution Vs frame rate based on how quickly or frequently your head is moving. I know that’s just wishful thinking but it would be nice.