Nose curtain suggestion


Design a nose curtain. Put a low tension rubberband across the bridge. The rubber can be lengthen or reduced. When you put the headset on, the curtain will conform perfectly to your nose bridge. They can use felt.


Like the Rift, I actually like the nose gap for peeking at my keyboard or the floor.
Wearing Pimax at the correct angle for my head it actually is tilted down a bit leaving a smaller gap than the Rift. No doubt this isn’t a “one size fits all” situation though.


Well, with the mentioned design, you can pull it up to peak. It’s rubberband… just an idea though…when ceeating an actual product, we will find out issues with the idea.


I agree the idea has much merit for those bothered by the nose gap as many Rift users have also lamented it over the years.
I have also read many who like myself find the gap useful and not at all a distraction.
One could easily MacGyver a curtain if it is an issue.