Nose pain from PImax 5k


I have the Pimax 5k plus but I have a hard time using it since it really hurts my nose. I’ve tried adjusting endlessly but it always ends up sitting on the bridge of my nose with the hard plastic or lenses. Is there a pad or something that can be used to alleviate this? And no, I don’t have a huge nose, it’s pretty normal sized in case anyone was wondering :wink:


A user used layering velcro to improve space for glasses. There is also folks using Vive replacement pads. And a 3d printable narrow face mod spacer.


If you have long hair, make a knot on the back of your head and hook the hole in the strap over it, otherwise you can easily add a counter weight.

Its the best comfort upgrade ive found since starting with VR back in 2015.
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