Nose pain/solution?


So before buying this headset I read some reviews from people who complained about this headset being really uncomfortable, putting stress on the nose. I’ve also read some people who seem to be fine so I was hoping I’d fall into that last category. Unfortunately I also experience quite some discomfort on the upper part of the nose. I was wondering if anyone fixed this with some mod ? Maybe with some extra tissue on the cheek parts to relieve the nose ? I’m not sure yet what the best way to fix it would be, so I was hoping others already went down that road and could share some idea’s


Perhaps some thin memory foam molded into the entire shape of the nose portion? You can get free memory foam samples from various places.


I think that’s probably the best way to go indeed, try to see if some memory foam solves it. Going to try that anyway !


I use black Self-adhesive window seal. The large foams.


Hi, well noted with thanks.

It may be a different facial structure between Asian and Occidental, I will report this issue to our hardware department, sorry for uncomfortable experience caused.


Yes I have a large nose and both the tip of my nose and the bridge of my nose are pressed against the plastic. This is hurtful and I really need a solution.


Check this thread too in we discuss alternatives to the supplied foam, the idea being that lifting the HMD slightly off the face not only fixes the ‘blinkers’ issue, but also relieves the pressure on the nose. Basically, using a thicker firmer foam in addition to that supplied, or using replacement Vive foams from 3rd party makers.


Lifting the headset also means less field of view unfortunately. It would be much better if the nose area was made bigger for Europeans


Pimax-support: Could you recommend me alternative foams that create bigger nose area and will fit the Pimax headset?


You’re only talking a matter of millimetres. You shouldn’t lose any field of view. For little or no cost you can try it and see, if you are willing.


I finally fixed it completely by replacing the cover foam with an 18mm version. I’ve bought this one but I guess any 18mm replacement will do.

I don’t feel any pressure at all anymore on my nose.


Did it hamper the FOV further?


I got used to it, I do not feel any more pain. :wink:


This is a non-asian nose. Now look at your Pimax and see how little flesh can be inside that hole haha


Yes it does lower the FOV a bit. The closer you’re to the display the higher the FOV.


I will not post a picture of my nose, I do not want to start a contest, lol, but yes, you are a good reference.:wink:


I have the same issue. I’m thinking about getting my dremel on it to remove some of the plastic around that area. Hope it’s not too hollow. :smiley:


Well, turns out that’s not going to work. Seems the issue is that I need the center of the lenses to be closer together without narrowing the gap where the nose fits. I don’t think that’s going to work without some different lenses where the center of the lenses themselves are shifted. I wonder if they’ll create substitute lenses for those of us who are suffering from this?