[Not Replied] Hong Kong Backers being SKIPPED ?!



Or you can get one of these


Another week gone. Still no tracking number.
@Matthew.Xu been inactive for days.
@Dallas.Hao just replied me with the spreadsheet thread link.



Been told my package is arrived at HK on Jan 22nd. Still nothing. This is a * joke.


I am in the same situation as you, #842 and #2818 backer in Hong Kong still no tracking number, I don’t think take transport from China to Hong Kong need more than a week. This is totally unacceptable that backer with higher number already receive their 5K+ before us.


#1246 from HK, same situation.


btw, why we need a warehouse? We don’t need to evade tax, do we?


Same thing with a 1/7 date.


Considering Australian orders are going to hk warehouse it’s not good news for us


I thought they send to farther ones first, maybe they do it to meet the preorder deadline? So you still have a good chance to get yours before us, your # doesn’t matter either.


Been waiting patiently and this is my first thread with complaint. At some point they got to deliver to low sales region as well. Its a 2-4 days delivery from ShangHai to HK. Taking more than 30 days with a warehouse right here in HK is unreasonable, low number or not.


Oh, not in Hong Kong, just had a 1/7 date.


Ok so it looks like the HK warehouse has the same problem the UK warehouse has . It would be nice to know what that problem is .


backer 48## here, also wondering where my shipment is, Hong Kong and last status was 1/14 SH. Appreciate if someone can look into these Hong Kong backers.


exactly, looks like all headsets are clogged down there waiting to be shipped out or haven’t even arrived yet from Pimax offices.


We just find out that UK backers units been used as replacement unit.
it might be that your headsets have been sent to UK an US with same purpose.
Sry for HK backers, i know how you might feel.


Are you telling me that they sent out that many failed units? That a high fail rate wth


Just said could be…
But would not be surprised at all.


Pimax support members ignoring this thread same as to our deliveries. @Matthew.Xu might be on holidays I guess? but some have been commenting on other threads? Why the silence?

Please come in and explain the situation. @Dallas.Hao @Sean.Huang @Alan.sun @Doman.Chen @PimaxUSA @PimaxVR


Pimax support, please keep time to time update. It is appointed my for your delivery arrangement.


almost three weeks passed upon status “on the way to oversea warehouse”, where is the oversea warehouse for shipping our HMD to Hong Kong??