[Not Replied] Hong Kong Backers being SKIPPED ?!



Hong Kong backer #2903 here (wave
but I’m waiting for the 8K
in case you guys wondering,
lots of delivery transport to HK for “logistics” reason
so I’m not surprise for it coming to HK and rotate for quite a while before it ship out again.

happened before, sure it will happen again


It might be worth asking @PimaxUSA to see if he can check the HK situation. He got us the answer regarding the missing UK headsets.


I already pmed @PimaxUSA yesterday but no response either, same as Dallas. Very disappointing.


Oversea warehouse means HK warehouse to Pimax I think? I am confused as well and Matthew clarified in pm. Matthew also said the shippment has arrived there a week ago, if you got “arrive at SH on 1/18” (before too?). Who knows where are our HMDs now…


@Matthew.Xu @Dallas.Hao @Sean.Huang @Alan.sun @Doman.Chen @PimaxUSA @PimaxVR
Any update for the Hong Kong backers? Next week will be Chinese New Year, I think all of our HK backers will be happy if we can receive the HMD before holiday.


Have you checked the latest spreadsheet?


Still on the way to overseas warehouses…


can pimax support give some official answer on this? Hong Kong backers are pending for your updates.


I am going to push it up once in a while until Pimax give an offical answer. What a joke.


Bump, I’m kinda worried none of the Hong Kong backers has recieved a hmd, where US region gets priority, please give answer where and when please


except #152 from HK received an 8K, according to redit spreadsheet


bump, please update with status #4841 backer number


So Matthew is back according to Dallas. @Matthew.Xu Could you give us an status update on HK warehouse about deliveries to HK backers and also the AU region, please?


Matthew responded in PM to me that my package has been sent out yesterday, but tracking number is not available yet. Hopefully it applies to all HK backers.


Still no tracking number… HKpost can’t provide any help without one.
Any HK backers got anything?
If pimax sent out our packages on last Fri then chances are deliveries will arrive today or this Fri (5,6,7th are public holidays) …


Hk warehouse would be on holidays. Doubt you will get a tracking number until the week after the holidays end


Hong Kong resumes work today, hoping for some tracking info, still got nothing. Anyone else got theirs?


I think a few Aussies have received tracking no’s from FedEx HK .


Checked spam folder, nothing.


Anyone got any good news at all? the lack of info is a major bummer