[Not Replied] Hong Kong Backers being SKIPPED ?!



Still no news today . Where are you @Dallas.Hao , @Matthew.Xu , @PimaxUSA ?


I just got a call from a delivery company called “Morning Express” and they are going to make the delivery tomorrow. Ever heard of them and I don’t understand how it takes so long and… but finally.


I got a delivery from 4px tomorrow, weight 2.8kg, could it be 5K+? I haven’t ordered anything else.


LOL It must be…:rofl: Funny We replying at the same time.


I also got a call from Morning Express, also weighing 2.x kg, delivering tomorrow morning.


yeah… I checked no one replied before posting…funny they use different carriers for just a few orders.


I heard 4px too at first but then she said Morning express is delivering, now I am confused…


Got my 5k+ today without any notification.


is it because you receive it at office?


Just got it… My family signed it for me but the guy didn’t even ask my name or anything… Anyone could have taken my 5K if he went to the wrong address…


I just got mine, and found the pitool download page is down:sweat_smile:


direct download link:


thanks! btw, I got a sensitive nose, and it smells…


I got the white dots problem too. Can’t get the LH and controllers work. And too smelly to continue…am I the first one who complains about the smell?


It does smell but doesn’t bother me much.
Doesn’t notice white dots issue, maybe its the cable?

“Can’t get the LH and controllers work”. I had this as well and this fixed for me:

go into:
And delete all files and folders within this lighthouse folder. Then reboot PC.

Some other things I find out:
Holding HMD power button powers off the headset.
Turns it on (to red led), then turns controller on will launch steamVR, Pitool is not necessary to run games, and it uses quite a lot of RAM (WT heck…). If you got HMD not tracked issue, block HMD’s sensors or move it away from the LH for a moment, that fixes it… <- Can’t figure it out for the past hour… lmao


thanks again

I saw ppl said its cable issue too, and suggest to use emi reduction noise clip too. Hope that I need not send it back and take one replacement from aussie shipments :joy:


Are you using long extension cable? I am using a 3m one that without any noise filters.
Btw the pimax 3 in 1 cable is way too short… doesn’t look like a 5m to me.


no extension cable. I am thinking of isolating it from other machine/cable, but just too busy now and it smells too bad for me, so not trying anymore. Hopefully the smell will weaken later.